Joe Biden Blasts Trump For Offering Lies And Tantrums On Iran

Speaking in New York City, former Vice President Joe Biden said that Trump has only offered lies and tantrums on Iran.

Biden said:

We have not heard a sober-minded explanation to reassure the American people that this decision and its consequences were thought through. No level headed words meant to dial down the tensions, and take us off the path of conflict. No press conference, or consultation with Congress. No, what we’ve heard so far from this president are tweets, threats, and tantrums.

All we’ve heard from this administration are shifting explanations, evasive answers, repeated assertions of an imminent threat without the necessary evidence to support that conclusion, and since this is a president with a history of lying about virtually everything, who has destroyed his own credibility, and that of the United States on the global stage, neither the American people, nor our allies, or indeed, no one around the world seems to be taking his word for it.


Somebody with authority finally said it. Trump is lying about the evidence behind his Iran attack. Defense officials told the press that Trump is lying, and it is being made obvious by the administration’s refusal to release the evidence that they don’t have any.

Trump is lying to save his dying reelection campaign, and Joe Biden called him out.

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