Keeping High Energy For Success In Life and Business!

Now matter what you do in life, you must keep your energy high for success. If you have a nine to five boring job, it takes a lot to just get up, let alone work everyday. If you have a brick and mortar business, it takes a lot of energy to keep it going every day. And if you have an online home business, you must have high energy to learn everything there is to stay ahead of your competition.

It really is a fast paced world we live in, and if you want success you have to know how to keep your energy level high. You have to continually stay motivated and moving ahead. You need to stay enthusiastic and passionate about what you are doing in life in your online home business, or brick and mortar business.

What Do You Eat?

So now that you know every thing you have or must do, just how do you do it? Well if you had parents like mine, you were told to eat right. That eating a good breakfast will keep up your energy level throughout the day.

With such a busy world we live in today, sitting down for any meal is really hard, especially breakfast. But if you want to be successful, you need to do just that. Eating three good meals a day, will give you better performance throughout the day, and help you sleep better at night.

Do You Exercise?

Eat right and exercise. How many times have you heard this one? It is so true though! You work hard all week, around comes Sunday, and you decide to just lay around on the couch and eat. How does that make you feel?

It might feel good for awhile, but do realize how sluggish you are. You have no energy to do anything, and you are so full, you couldn't if you tried. If your body is not in shape to exercise, then find something to do to take your mind off of eating so much. If you do not have the money to go to they gym, then go for a walk, and use cans for weights. Any little thing you do will help increase you energy, so you can do more.

Are You Stressed?

The biggest thing that can drain your energy is stress. The economy really sucks for most people today, and that is causing a lot of stress. With stress, comes bad health, bad relationships, bad work environments and loss of energy.

As hard as it may be, you have to stay positive. Keep a good mental attitude, keep thinking about what you want, not what you do not want. Stay around positive people, read positive books, go for walks to clear your mind. The biggest stress reliever is to laugh. Laugh at your mistakes, watch funny movies, watch little kids play, just laugh!

What Are You Wearing?

If you are really feeling down in the dumps, no energy at all, then put some thing on that is bright and cheerful. Believe it or not statistics say this really works. If you are wearing black, brown or any dark color, people are less likely to smile at you.

When you wear bright cheery colors, people will be more likely to smile at you. Try this out first by looking at yourself in the mirror, then go for a walk or go shopping, see if you have more spring in your step, and get more smiles with bright colors versus dark drab colors.

Water, Water, Water?

You are always told to drink more water, drink more water. Dehydration really can cause fatigue, which causes stress, which causes low energy. Another way to energize yourself with water, is splash some in your face.

If your by a pool, take a dip. If your at home, take a shower to revive yourself. Maybe your on a walk and see a pool of water, go splash in it, become a kid again. Run out in the rain and sing a song, OK you can not sing, then play a song, like 'Singing in the Rain'!

Try incorporating some of this tips into your life for twenty one days. They say it takes twenty one days for something to stick and become a habit. Always talk positive about your goals, about other people, about your business, and your life. Do this for 21 days and watch your energy levels sore to unknown heights of success!

Source by Julianne Rowat

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