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Product Description

Kids and Family Fitness and Activity Tracker by TRENDY PRO

Helps Kids (and Adults) Get Moving, Set Activity Goals, And Have Fun!

The Fitness Tracker (Activity Tracker) by Trendy Pro is great way to continually encourage children (teens and adults too) to be Active, Fit and Healthy!

Fitness Tracker by Trendy Pro:

A waterproof, adjustable, lightweight Fitness Tracker/Activity Tracker
Comes with band sizes designed to fit kids from ages 5 all the way through adults. – Updated smaller and improved bands – Fall 2019
Includes an extra bonus wristband in a color of your choice, allowing the child to mix and match bands with their outfits.
Helps promote a healthy lifestyle by gamifying physical activity.
Encourages you and your child to work together to set goals for Fitness, Sleep and Activity.
Stay connected via smartphone App (TrendyFit/VeryFit): Check progress, create new goals, send reminders and notifications
Monitors Sleep Time
Smart Notifications included: Syncs with your smartphone to display real time Text, Social Media and Calls
Watch Function: Time, Alarm, Silent Alarm and Sedentary Reminder
Remote Camera Control
Lifetime Technical Support

The Kids Fitness Tracker by Trendy Pro taps into tech to make exercise a fun and appealing activity for your kids.

Kids Fitness Tracker by TRENDY PRO


One (1) FREE Extra TRENDY PRO Band in the color of your choice


Set fitness goals with your kid and work towards hitting those targets together, step-by-step. This kid’s fitness wristband is able to track how many steps they take every day, and monitor the calories they burn – making it easier for you and your kid to stay on top of their daily fitness progress. The smart wristband also syncs with the TrendyFit or VeryFit Pro app, introducing even more precision and intuitiveness to managing your child’s health.


Sleep plays an important role in maintaining excellent health and ensuring normal body development, especially for growing kids. Our fitness tracker tracks how many hours of sleep you or your child gets every night, allowing the necessary adjustments in sleep and waking times as needed.

FREE Extra TRENDY PRO Band in the color of your choice

Order today and get an extra band in your favorite color free. The new updated 2019 design of the Fitness Tracker by Trendy Pro fits children age 5 through to adult. The adjustable band features a snap enclosure that can be set to fit the smallest child’s wrists 5.3-7.3 inches (13.5-18.5 cm) in circumference.

Additional Features:



Kids Activity Tracker User Guide and Reward Chart


WITHSTANDS SWEAT & MOISTURE – Our kids’ fitness monitor is IP67 rated waterproof. It functions perfectly even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise and play.


Our smart watch is not just about promoting health and fitness for your kid – it also syncs with your smartphone to display real time text, call, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more) notifications via its 0.86 OLED HD screen, calling your attention discreetly with its vibrating function. If your child does not have a mobile device yet, you may use your smartphone to set up the time according to your location.


Setting up your Fitness Tracker is easy with the included User Manual. The package also includes a Family Reward Chart Poster. You’ll also have access to a downloadable Q&A and Cool Tips email. Kids will enjoy Kids’ Friendly Quick Start video with step-by-step instructions for kids by kids on how to set up the device.

TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker Has All The Features Of Name Brand Trackers WITHOUT The Expensive PriceTag!

Kids Fitness Tracker and Activity Tracker

TRENDY PRO Is MORE Than Just A Fitness Tracker!

Activity Tracking: TRENDY PRO records daily activities including steps, distance, and calories burned. Stats can be checked on your tracker anytime, or you can get a more detailed view using the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app on your smartphone or device.

Sleep Tracking: TRENDY PRO automatically tracks how long and deep you sleep. It records data for light sleep, deep sleep, and duration awake and provides detailed reports in the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app.

Silent Alarms: Set an alarm in the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app and your TRENDY PRO will vibrate to wake you. You can set up to 10 standalone or recurring alarms at a time.

Sedentary Reminders: TRENDY PRO can be programmed to send gentle reminders to stay active throughout the day at regular intervals of your choice from the TrendyFit or VeryfitPro app.

Hydration Reminders: Cool tip: Sedentary Reminders can be alternatively set for other regular tasks, like drinking water.

Call, Text and Social App Alerts: Set your TRENDY PRO to alert you to incoming calls, text messages and notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Remote Camera Control: Love a good selfie? Use your TRENDY PRO to remotely trigger photos taken with your smartphone or tablet.

Anti-Lost: Your TRENDY PRO will alert you if you move more than 5 meters away from your smartphone or tablet.

Find Phone: Can’t find your phone? Use TRENDY PRO to trigger audio alerts on your smartphone or tablet to locate it quickly.

Tracker Data Storage Activity: Data displayed on your TRENDY PRO is reset every 24 hours at midnight. Up to seven days of data can be stored on the tracker without the need to sync it to the app. To sync your data, open the App and swipe down anywhere on the main page. Progress will then be indicated at the top of the page.

Strava Integration: The TrendyFit or VeryfitPro also fully integrates with “Strava”, a social fitness network app that allows tagging and challenges with friends and family.

Product Support: Lifetime Technical Support, Company based in North America

Make fitness FUN with the fitness tracker you and your child can use together!

Kids Fitbit for Kids and Adults

NEW VERSION: FALL 2019 – IMPROVED & SMALLER BANDS and New Custom App TrendyFit

What age range is TRENDY PRO best suited for?

TRENDY PRO bands fit kids ages 5 through to adult. The adjustable band features a snap enclosure that can be set to fit wrists as small as 5.3 inches in circumference. That said, TRENDY PRO is a powerful device full of features that even a demanding teenager or adult would appreciate.

Functions Include: Sleep, Distance, Calorie Counter Armband, Calories Burned Monitor, Pedometer, Exercise, Sedentary Reminder, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) Notifications, Call Notifications, SMS Text, Digital Camera Remote Control, Stopwatch, Find Your Phone.

How do I set up my TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker?

Your TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker comes with a full user manual with instructions on set up and use. You will also get access to a downloadable User Guide with Q&A and Cool Tips via email, and our Kid-Friendly Quick Start video makes setting up your tracker fun.

How do I charge the tracker?

Your tracker comes with its own built-in USB charger! Just remove the band and plug the USB into your computer or device. We also include a travel adapter so you can charge it on the go from a standard outlet.

How do I change the bands?

Easy! Just pull the band and replace the band with the new color. Keep an eye on the band with the buckle, it should be on the Tracker side used for charging. Also, try mixing and matching the bands for a bold and fun look.

What do I do if something goes wrong with my tracker?

TRENDY PRO is built upon the concept of trust & transparency and we hold our products to the highest of standards. Whether you’re buying products for yourself or as a gift, we want to ensure you have the most positive experience with TRENDY PRO. We are glad to assist you whether you have a question or need support.

What if the child does not have a mobile device yet?

You can use a parent’s cell for the initial set up of the time zone and time. Once this is done, the Tracker will display the time and count steps in a standalone model.

Is the Free app compatible with all models of mobile devices?

It is compatible with the majority of Apple (4s+, iPad 3+, iPod Touch 5+) and Android (4.5+) based devices, although there are some rare exceptions in case of lesser known brands or old devices. Windows based computers are not supported.

Fitbit for kids new release Extra small bands

MAKES FITNESS FUN WITH SMART TECH – Our kids’ fitness wristband promotes regular exercise and physical activity in a fun way. It features vibrating reminders for physical activity, silent alarms and notifications. It also includes a Family Reward Chart Poster that provides encouragement to your child and family.
WITHSTANDS SWEAT & MOISTURE – Our kids’ pedometer watch is IP67 rated waterproof – it functions perfectly even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise workout and play.
QUALITY BONDING TIME – This kids digital watch for kids is designed to give you and your child the opportunity to work together by setting goals for physical fitness, sleep hours, and exercise activity.
FITS SMALL SIZED WRISTS – NEW VERSION: FALL 2019 – IMPROVED & SMALLER BANDS: This slim children’s fitness monitor wristband is completely adjustable, providing a secure and comfortable fit for wrists that measure 5.3-7.3 inches in circumference (13.5-18.5 cm).

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