Lace Wig Faux Pas – Top 4

As wonderful as lace wigs are, there are a few blunders that many women make. However, these mistakes are not exclusive to newbies as even some celebrities have been caught in the embarrassing spotlight. To see what not to do while wearing your hair wig, read more below.

Barber Straight Hairline

This is perhaps the most obvious of signs that someone is wearing a poor quality or poorly applied lace wig. The barber straight hairline implies that your hairline has a straight razored edge as if you just visited a barber. Higher quality wigs have a slightly varied hairline to mimic the natural hairline.

There is a simply way to fix this if the wig you order has this problem. Place a white paper towel behind the lace so you can see. Afterwards, begin to lightly tweeze individual hairs from the hairline so that it is more natural in appearance. Make sure to work slowly since you cannot reapply the hairs after removed.

Unsealed Knots

Unsealed knots on your lace wig can be disastrous. At first, the knots will remain relatively intact and tied. However, overtime the unsealed knots can lead to excessive shedding. This shedding can happen from brushing or even running your hand through your hair. Your lace wig hair should remain on your head not your shoulders and clothes.

Sealing knots is a simple process that you should never skip. Purchase a knot sealant from any beauty supply store. Before applying your wig for the first time, turn it inside out and spray the cap. It should be saturated enough with soaking through to the hair on the other side. Let dry and then reapply at least once. After your first sealing, you will only have to spray when you are about to wash your hair wig.

Visible Lace

The point of a lace wig is to not show your lace lines. Unfortunately, some women are caught for this offense by the tell tale criss cross pattern evident on their hairline. Typically, French lace wigs make the pattern more evident since the lace is thicker. Glue shine makes this pattern more apparent or having lace that does not match your skin tone. You can either dye your lace to blend in with your natural skin tone or rid yourself of glue shine.

To get rid of shine caused by excess glue, take a q-tip or makeup sponge with adhesive remover or alcohol. To simply remove a very small amount of excess glue, alcohol is suggested as adhesive remover may weaken the surrounding bond. After you remove excess glue, let dry and then apply makeup near the hairline to conceal.

Heavy Density

A heavy density is never natural in appearance. When you lace wig begins to sit on top of your head or have thick hair coming from the temples, something is wrong. A heavy density is rather difficult to fix at home and may require professional help. For those who are experienced with styling, you can thin out the hair with shearing scissors.

If you do not how to do this, you can bring your lace wig into a wig maker or repair person and have the density corrected. You will want to make sure that your density is in line with your hairline density so that a natural progression occurs.

Source by Abbi Akinsanya

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