Lame duck Trump rushes to go down in ignominy earlier than being booted from workplace

As well as, Trump is all of the sudden yanking a bunch of troops from Afghanistan, hurriedly auctioning off oil rights in Arctic Nationwide Wildlife Refuge to additional trash the planet, dashing to strip civil servants of decades-old job protections, and racing to erect one other 50 miles of his valuable border wall.

All of those actions do significant hurt. With some effort and time, lots of them could be undone a technique or one other—they’re simply piling on the clean-up of Trump’s poisonous waste zone that the incoming Biden administration must conduct. And the legacy objects that may’t be undone—at the very least within the quick future—are the federal judges Senate Republicans proceed to verify at a speedy clip. (Whereas they’re lifetime appointments, the federal judiciary might probably be expanded at some future time to dilute their affect.) 

However these actions aren’t in the slightest degree regular for a lame duck president, and are so very predictably Trump. Previous presidents have sometimes stopped implementing main insurance policies to be able to clear the best way for his or her successor to begin reshaping the federal government and start implementing the agenda they ran and received on as rapidly as potential. It is a matter of respecting the desire of the individuals. 

However to Trump, the 80 million-plus People who voted in opposition to him are traitors, so ignoring them and subverting their will is completely truthful and even an act of patriotism. 

It is also fully delusional. Winners write the historical past books. And at this level, Trump is nothing however a sour-grapes loser and can go down as the largest presidential blunder in historical past. As one political journalist observed on Twitter, it’s the “Finish of an error.”

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