Learn From Every Experience of Life

Life is always a learning experience. The effects of every life experience depends on your attitude. The sooner you take every experience in life positively the better. Always learn how to lessen the negative impact of a bad situation. For example, if you move directly against a strong fast- moving river you will quickly drown.

Always look for an opportunity in every situation. There is a story of a shoe dealer who went to a poor country and found that no one wore shoes. Then he called back home and told them that he was coming back since no one wore shoes in the country. So he did not make orders to supply the people. On the other hand, one dealer also went into that country and found no one wearing shoes. He called home and called his manufacturer and made shoe orders and said, “Everyone needs shoes here!”

In every circumstance, there is an opportunity. The Bible says, “Count it all joy when you enter into divers kinds of trials.” All things work together for good to those who are the called according to God’s purposes.

God is there both in the mountains and the valleys. Stick to Him. He shall neither leave you nor forsake you.

Remember Moses when he was stuck before the Red sea? The children of Israel were complaining asking questions. Moses called to God and God reminded him of what he had in his hand. That is the stick. He used it to open the way in the see. The Israelis crossed without a problem. Every situation can change. We serve a great God. So even if you think the challenges you are faced with have no solution, think again. You can learn from Moses. God hears our cries. So He can hear yours.

God hates pride. Remember Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon? He changed into an animal. God does not want to share His glory with a man. So you need to learn humility. Imitate Jesus Christ. Even though by nature He was God, He humbled Himself unto death, even death on a Cross. So we can learn in every situation, in every Bible character. Everything that exists on earth has a lesson for us all. The good thing about God is that He never changes. The good things He has done for one, He can do for you.

Just put your trust in Him. He loves you and He cares. Be blessed.

Source by Elphas Sipho Mdluli

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