Learn How to Lose 9 Lbs in 11 Days!

There are many medicines or pills in the market today that promises weight loss in a short time, although all are effective, there are medical hazards that people who took it will be facing soon. There are also green teas which promise to regulate bowel movement only to realize that the regularized bowel movement is considered as not leaving the toilet for a day.

Here are some of the most economical, not hazardous and fastest way to lose that baby fats under our chin, in the arms and thighs and in the tummy area.

1. Increase your food intake to 4 meals per day. This will not only help increase your metabolism it will also help regularize your bowel movements. However, eating junk is not allowed and it is not considered as meal. Minimize your intake of salty and fatty meals through out the course of this plan. Occasional junk foods are okay but as much as possible, you are discouraged to eat such because of the many calories, trans fat and other minerals that are stored in every pouch.

2. Drink 10 glasses of water everyday. Also by doing this, you will help your metabolism function faster that will result to rapid weight loss. Additionally, drinking water before, during and in between meals will send stimuli to your brain that you are already full and cannot take in more food for the day. With this, minimal food consumption was achieved and the water that your body took should be turned into sweat for a much effective way to burn fats.

3. Cut the sodas and replace it with natural fruit juices. Of course it is also obvious why you need to minimize your soda in take. You are trying to lose weight in a span of 11 days and with that, soda does not help. It does not do miracles. Go for natural and unsweetened juices like pineapple, raspberry or lemon because they also help your metabolism due to the fibers that are available in every juice drink.

4. Take in fibrous meal everyday. We all know that fiber is one of the key elements in losing so much weight. By eating fiber-rich meal, you are already sure of having a regular bowel movement that will help lose the weight that you have eagerly wanted to drop.

5. Do simple exercise. Having to exercise does not mean that you have to do 2-hours thread mill activity and the go biking. You should still enjoy the exercise that you do so that it will not tire you immediately and make you pass out on the routines you have to do. Try brisk walking, slow jogging or biking around your place to tone muscles.

Again, the effectiveness and the rapid weight loss depend on the person, their built and their ability to follow strictly what was planned for them. Trying out other weight loss products such as laxative should just be an alternative when you are lazy enough to do those things mentioned above.

Source by Janet Sommers

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