Learn to Memorize Hundreds of Mixed Drinks

With the good pay per night and the tips from customers, working as a bartender can be a really fun way to make money. In a bar, you will usually find a lot of guests, new and regular, with different tastes in drinks. As a bartender, you have to satisfy all these people with their choice of bartender mixed drinks and in the shortest time possible. This simply means that you shouldn’t have to stop every time you have an order and try to remember the recipe for mixing it or flip around pages of a bartender mixed drinks guide for confirmation.

If you are interested in working as a bartender, know that there are hundreds of bartender mixed drinks to learn and the best way would be just to memorize them. Mix drink mnemonics come in handy when you want to memorize drinks and cocktail recipes. There is no other way you could expect to remember all the hundreds of mixed drinks, especially when you are taking different orders from different patrons. You just have to learn how to memorize.

Be it beers, wines, cocktails or spirits, they have different preparations. Using bartender mnemonics will improve your memory more than you could imagine. In time, you will remember all the bartender mixed drinks without a problem. There is nothing worse than giving a customer the wrong mixed drink. Chances are that you won’t be seeing him/her again in your bar if you don’t want to lose your customers then memorize your mixed drinks.

Memorizing the hundreds of mixed drinks available can be made easier with a Drink Mnemonics Memory System. It’s an audio program prepared with the use of mnemonics and other memorization techniques. This helps bartenders to memorize drinks in the shortest time possible. The best thing is that the system is professionally designed by experts and the success rates are very high.

With such a system, you can eliminate the inconveniences of going to bartender schools, thus, saving time and money. Going to school for bartender training can really be hectic, especially when you are a busy person or if it takes you a lot of time to memorizing things from books and index cards. The audio mnemonics systems are much more convenient since you can listen to them until you are sure that you can do it alone.

Learning to remember bartender mix drinks will help you a lot in your job as a bartender. Your customers will view you as a professional who is serious about his/her job. Memorizing the hundreds of mixed drinks helps you to be sharp. You won’t irritate your customers by having them to repeat their orders. Once you are told something, you will already know what the customer wants.

Source by John S Freeman

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