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One of the most effective ways to learn to sing from the comfort of your own home is by using vocal training software such as Singorama or Singing Success. The type of singing software that's best for your really depends a lot on your personal preferences in terms of style and what you want to achieve with your singing. Since you've probably never really tried using singing software to learn to sing, I'll give you a brief rundown of a few of the most popular vocal training software programs out there and how they differ.


Singorama is a very comprehensive piece of singing software. It consists of almost 30 audio lessons that cover everything from basics such as reading and writing music to much more complex concepts like singing in harmony and songwriting.

Singorama includes a free mini recording studio and a computer game to help you improve your intonation (aka your pitch).

This is really great for beginners and singers who are looking to improve not just their voices, but also their musicianship, which is SUPER important!

Singing Success:

Singing Success is created by Brett Manning, who is a popular vocal coach to several big name singers such as Miley Cyrus, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and others.

He has a few different singing software packages on his website but the main one consists of audio and video lessons. Brett and his teachers focus primarily on blending the vocal registers and improving tone quality.

Singing Success is pretty heavy on the vocal exercises. This is definitely important if you're trying to eliminate the crack in between your chest voice and your head voice. Even though it can be monotonous, exercises strengthen the voice and instill good habits.

One thing Singing Success makes a point of teaching is a low larynx position. Few vocal training programs so much as mention this crucial element of proper singing but Singing Success has it covered. This is not a cheap program! But … you get what you pay for!

Sing With Freedom

Sing With Freedom is created by Per Bristow, who is another celebrity vocal coach. Per's program consists of 4 vocal training DVDs that are great for both beginners and advanced singers. The approach to learning singing with this course is very fundamental: Per teaches you how to cultivate what he calls "extraordinary body awareness", which is important to a singer. But what REALLY stood out about this program to me was the fact that Per breaks down WHY we develop mental and physical blocks that impede vocal freedom and expressive freedom when we sing.

Since singing is dependent upon a harmonious mind / body connection, I've always advocated that my students resolve emotional and psychological issues, whether with a therapist or via self help materials. And Per seems to feel likewise because he realizes that the worst enemy of good singing is usually the singer!

Per also offers a bunch of freebies on his site so it's worth a peek.

Sing and See

Sing and See is less of a singing course and more of singing software, in the strict sense of the term.

Sing and See basically visualizes your voice on your computer screen as you sing and after you've sung. From there you can see how accurate your pitch is, what your vibrato rate looks like, how resonant your tone is and a number of other parameters are available to look at.

I personally have used this type of software throughout my opera singing career and it's absolutely priceless to your development as a singer for a couple of reasons.

One, it's your best and cheapest way to get an "honest opinion" of your singing. Actually, it's not even an opinion, it's the facts! Say, for example, you have neck tension and it's causing your vibrato to beat unevenly. You would see that on-screen as you sing and it would cause you to seek out the problem.

As singers, we're used to paying top dollar to a vocal coach or singing instructor to critique our singing objectively. Sing and See vocal software is the next best thing.

Professionals in all fields find ways to observe themselves from the "outside-in" because it's the quickest way to assess where you're at and determine how best to progress.

I highly recommend this vocal training software to any serious singer.

Sing Opera Now:

Sing Opera Now is the only opera signing software on the net as far as I know. If you want to learn how to sing opera, this is a fantastic program to establish a solid foundation for your vocal technique.

In fact, Vic – the creator and host – covers all the fundamentals of elite vocalism for ANY genre. In the 30 minutes Sing Opera Now Video Lesson he covers cornerstones like breath control, relaxation, the larynx, posture, the best voice exercises and more.

I've recommended this to several students because it is so absolutely spot on in terms of proper technique that it applies not just to opera singers but to all singers. Too bad Vic hasn't created an entire course yet.

So I hope this overview gave you a good idea of ​​the type of singing software that's available on the internet. These are the big players and even though there are other vocal training software courses out there, I haven't seen any as good as these.

One thing to remember and reassure you is that since these are all internet-based courses and programs, they offer money-back guarantees for 30 or 60 days or whatever the individual case may be. This is valuable because sometimes you may find that you purchase a product and it does do what you thought it would or teach you what you were expecting so you can simply return it, get your money back and try something new! Be sure to stick with your vocal training software for at least a few weeks and try to write down and track your practices so that you can get an honest look at the progress you're making. If you don't practice and simply blame the software you won't get anywhere. Dedicate some time each day to focused, interruption-free practice and you'll hear amazing results within a few months.

Good luck!

Source by Eugene Astrovsky

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