Leather Aviator Jacket – Look Out Tom Cruise

For as long as movies have been made pilots or aviators have always captured our imagination. All of us aren’t able to be a “Top Gun” but we all can look like one. The leather aviator jacket is an all time favorite that you should consider for your wardrobe.

We all have the dream to fly and see the whole world. We all had that childhood dream of being like Peter Pan – one flap of our wings and we’re off to Neverland. But as we grow up, that childish dream kinds of disappears. After all, real men don’t want to be associated with Peter Pan, right?

But then again, we begin to wear aviator jackets with our ankle boots whenever we feel the need to impress the ladies. Little do we know that flying and leather aviator jackets are still somehow, connected.

Leather aviator jackets history go back during World War 2 when pilots were given leather jackets to protect them from the cold since fighter planes then were not covered. It was not originally made to grace the fashion world but then again, long before it had made its major appearance, its fate was already written in the stars: that from the moment of its birth, it will shine and will stay forever.

And now, we can see any leather aviator jackets everywhere – from the runway all the way to the world of the common. There is no stopping this jacket and it will continue to shine and outlive any thing in the fashion world.

So if you want to dazzle – fly with your leather aviator jacket and be free! So now, you can still fly like Peter Pan and yet feel every inch a real man! Now, there is no longer that gap between fantasy and reality.

Source by Tiffany LeFleur

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