Liberal Media Again Twitter Reality-Checking Trump Voter Fraud Tweets

Twitter fact-checked President Donald Trump for suggesting that mail-in ballots might result in voter fraud. When he responded by accusing the platform of foul play, liberal journalists from all corners of the web got here out of the woodwork to slam him.

Dylan Byers of the Byers Market E-newsletter summarized the incident:

“Twitter for the primary time ever added hyperlinks to the president’s tweets that offered a truth test on his false claims in regards to the 2020 election and mail-in ballots. The corporate advised customers that Trump’s tweets have been ‘deceptive.’”

Tech coverage reporter Cat Zakrzewski of The Washington Submit’s The Technology 202 leaned into editorializing when it summarized the occasion by writing that Trump has made tweets “falsely claiming mail-in ballots are fraudulent.”

Fox Information reported that a number of specialists have raised considerations in regards to the ease of committing election fraud with mail-in ballots. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel retweeted an exchange the place CNN tried to disclaim the chance that mail-in election fraud was a reliable concern. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, in the meantime, calmly defined how absentee ballot-related voter fraud has led to convictions and that two elections had been overturned in his state. McDaniel adopted this tweet by citing liberal sources who beforehand have issued these very same considerations.

Many Huge Tech liberals, nonetheless, have been unconvinced.

Recode co-founder and New York Occasions contributor Kara Swisher tweeted:

“Trump is now getting probably the most bracing lesson on what the First Modification truly says about free speech on Twitter from a spate of specialists, who notice he’s lifeless mistaken about it (once more). Not that it’s going to issues to him or his followers, it’s, as he says, BEAUTIFUL”

Swisher retweeted College of Alabama Legislation Professor Joyce Alene who instructed that “Twitter is just not the federal government. Your proper to free speech is vis a vis the federal government, not a non-public actor. You’d assume that three years & four months in he might have made it round to studying the first modification to the Structure.”

Nonetheless, as Swisher has done before, when she quoted “Congress shall make no legislation,” she confused that the modification solely protects folks from censorship by the federal government, not by corporations. She made it clear that she understood the phrases of the First Modification, however failed to know the deeper spirit of the legislation to defend free expression.

Swisher additionally retweeted tech expert and inventor of the hashtag Chris Messina:

“OMGLOL, Trump would not know what free speech is! I hope @karaswisher calls him out on this. Non-public corporations do not present public squares.”

Occasions editorial board author and former Submit reporter Greg Bensinger tweeted that even this truth test of a sitting president was a paltry measure when he wrote that “Solely @Twitter is aware of the click-through price on its fact-check labels, however my guess is they’re vanishingly small.”

A former Twitter comms worker retweeted a video of counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, defending Trump and wrote:

“This isn’t *simply* utilizing White Home bully pulpit to incite a digital mob in opposition to a tech staffer who’s by no means been a public determine. It’s additionally an implicit menace to each tech employee (actually, each American), saying this White Home can & will goal you by title for doing all of your job.”

NBC News lamented in its headline that “Trump made Twitter his megaphone. A truth test will not change that.” The lede of the article then opined that the actual drawback is “networks of accounts” who “amplify the president’s messages.”

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