Lindsey Graham’s newest protection of Donald Trump is a racist assault on Kamala Harris

How would something occurring on Jan. 6 relate badly on the vp? It wouldn’t. However the statements, which Graham made—the place else?—whereas talking with Sean Hannity on Fox Information don’t even have something to do with the assault on the Capitol or Trump’s impeachment. As Yahoo News makes clear, Graham is basically talking to an present Republican theme claiming that Democrats have inspired violence by Black Lives Matter protesters.

“If you are going to pursue this, and also you wanna begin calling witnesses, and also you wish to drag this factor out, it will be truthful to have Kamala Harris’ tape play the place she bailed individuals out of jail,” mentioned Graham. “What extra might you do to incite future violence, than to pay the bail of the individuals who broke up the outlets and beat up the cops. How’s that not inciting future violence? Watch out what you would like for my Democratic colleagues, watch out what you would like for.”

The factor in regards to the “Kamala Harris’ tape” is that it will be very troublesome to play. As a result of there isn’t a tape. As an alternative, there seems to be nothing behind this by a single tweet from  Harris during which she inspired contributions to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helps to handle inequities in America’s usually crushing money bail system. Harris’ tweet was made on June 1, inserting it lower than per week after Floyd’s homicide by Minneapolis Police, and at a time when over a hundred nonviolent protesters had been arrested. 

The declare that Harris was encouraging violence turned a recurring theme on the precise. In August, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted that Harris “helped violent rioters in Minnesota get out of jail to do extra injury.” Donald Trump recycled that data the subsequent day, besides that Trump—as he does so usually—expanded on the mislead make it not nearly Harris, however “13 members of Biden’s marketing campaign workers” in addition to “his working mate, Kamala” bailing “rioters” and “looters” out of jail.

Now, nearly six months later, Graham is reviving this declare towards Harris as if it represents some kind of protection of Trump. It’s a mirror of how Republicans have been reacting to criticism of QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene by waggling fingers at Rep. Ilhan Omar. In each circumstances, Republicans try to equate racism, anti-Semitism, and white supremacist violence with Black Individuals asking for justice. 

As The Washington Post identified again in September, this complete line of assault isn’t simply racist, it’s additionally merely flawed. Of the 170 arrested in reference to the protests between Floyd’s homicide and the date of Harris’ tweet, 167 have been launched with out bail or with solely a small charge. A couple of third have been arrested with out prices. Minnesota Freedom Fund undoubtedly benefited from the eye, and their contributions went approach up. However plainly not one of the cash really went to bail out anybody charged with both rioting or looting. A few of the cash collected did later go towards individuals charged with severe crimes, even homicide. However that’s an indictment of the money bail system, and the large inequality it generates within the justice system. It’s not a mark towards Kamala Harris.

In any case, what Graham is proposing is the sort of testimony that may not be allowed in any courtroom. It’s pointing a false finger of blame at another person in a very totally different state of affairs. It’s a 3rd grade thought of justice the place “she did it too” is meant to be an excuse for doing one thing flawed.

On prime of all that, Graham’s finger pointing at Harris is deeply racist. Not solely is it constructed on false racist claims about protesters in Minnesota, it’s completely no coincidence that Graham was signaling towards Harris and never different individuals who have been vocal about the necessity to abolish the money bail system—together with President Biden.

Unable to defend Greene, Republicans have resorted to attacking Omar or Maxine Waters, as Republican chief Kevin McCarthy did in his statement on Tuesday night. Unable to defend Trump, Graham as an alternative lodged a very false declare at Kamala Harris. 

These targets usually are not a coincidence.

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