List Of Foods You Can Eat On A Vegan Diet

You are putting together a list of foods that you can eat on a vegan diet. I suggest to start eating plant-based. When you are shopping, it is smart to come up with a list of foods that you can eat on your vegan diet.

Eating plant-based will not always be the easiest thing to look for, but it just takes a little time to organize. A lifestyle is all about organization. I would like you to see some of these options I have come up with.

Foods For Breakfast

  • Tofu – this is a great egg replacement used in any combination of an egg breakfast. Burritos or egg sandwiches.
  • Oatmeal – A good organic oatmeal is something everyone should at least eat 2 or 3 times a week. Especially for the great benefits that oatmeal provides for your heart. Also you can add any type of fruit to add to the flavor if you have a problem with the taste.
  • Smoothies – Again this can be any combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • Organic cereal, granola – These are items you can add fruit to as well, if you want that extra boost.

I love these for lunch

  • Chickpeas – These can be used in many ways. My personal is my homemade humus. I make a large batch at once and keep it in a container in the refrigerator. I will actually take about a 3/4 cup size to work. It gives me energy and curbs my hunger.
  • Tempeh – I have sliced ​​these up and fried them the night before. Then warmed them up and placed in between to slices of organic bread.
  • Organic brown rice – This is one of my favorites, I will make a tomato, cucumber, mint, onion mix and actually mix them together. Add a little salt and olive oil. You can eat this hot or cold.
  • Kidney beans or any beans – These are a great protein boost anytime of the day. Can eat them cold, hot or in any type of meal.
  • Sweet potato or potato – We will slice either or both together as wedges or quarters. Mix with a bit of organic olive oil, Himalayan salt, pepper and some basil. We bake them until they are crispy. Fries anybody?

Snack time can be challenging and need to battle cravings

  • peanut butter – PBJ, that's all I have to say about that! Make sure the jelly is organic. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, if you were wondering.
  • Kale chips, banana chips, or dried fruits – If you have a dehydrator, you can do this as cheap as possible without spending a ton on packages of dried fruit.
  • Nuts, sunflower, pistachios – Nuts, nuts and nuts. Anytime you can incorporate nuts into your diet, it is a protein boost to will last you throughout your day.
  • Applesauce – There are grocery stores out there that have organic apple sauce.

The family meal time, finding the right options to please everyone.

Instead of providing a detailed list for dinner, all the items above can be used in any variety or combination to make a 100% healthy meal. Because your day could end up being a very busy, time-consuming adventure, it maybe hard to work in the all the fresh vegetables. Here is your chance. I always mix in stir fry's using the brown rice you may have cooked earlier for lunch. When I make it, I use the rice cooker so we can use left over rice for an extra meal.

There are all kinds of variations of salads. Imagine adding some of the dried fruit, cooked Tofu or Tempeh as a chicken replacement on a Caesar salad. You get the point. I also use Tofu or Tempeh for any meat replacement. Personally I like Tofu the best. I will add a bit of organic olive oil just to brown it up nicely to have the ground meat texture. I will use that in any variation like spaghetti or what ever your favorite combination you would use meat in.

I hope I am laying the foundation for you to come up with your own variations of your old recipes. It can be done. One thing I want to remind you of is to make sure your using organic brands and look at the labels to make sure they are dairy free and have no animal by products in them. A little planning can go a long way.

Source by Jim Rosenau

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