Living In The World Of Duality Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride

Living in the world of duality is like a roller coaster ride; at one moment, you are moving up, and at the next you are moving down. In the many lifetimes we have spent on this planet we have sown the seeds of Karma (karma is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘action’ and implies that every action causes a reaction). Some of this sprouted and began to bear fruit during the same lifetime but much of this remained for other lifetimes that followed. We already know that in order to hold the universe together, every particle has an anti-particle.

This same principle applies to karma; every action has its anti-action or reaction. This is universal law. Since we are currently living in the realm of three-dimensional space-time reality, time seems to move in a linear fashion. It is our perception that things occur in sequence, one after another. An action here causes a reaction there, after a certain time has elapsed. Although this is just an illusion created by our 3D-oriented senses, most of us live by this notion of time. This allows us to perceive cause and effect as two separate events in time and space. Based on this delusional perception we experience duality as a concrete reality, and this delusion runs through every event in our lives and is part of every relationship of ours.

We have purposely sown the seeds of happiness, joy, forgiveness, compassion, justice, friendship, caring, giving, saving life, health, strength, etc. many times over during our many existences on Earth. But we have also sown the seeds of fear, anger, depression, sadness, revenge, harshness, injustice, enmity, insensitivity, selfishness, destroying life, sickness, weakness, etc. What could possibly motivate us to cause harm to others and ourselves other than the conviction that we are essentially evil by nature? The answer is found in the fact that love cannot assume its role in life unless we feel how it is not to have loved. So we had to co-create, together with the members of our soul family, the ideal scenarios that would allow us to experience hateful relationships, feeling rejected, being lonely and/or isolated, etc.

All the players of the drama of duality here on Earth have known beforehand which role would benefit them most to bring them closer to conscious alignment with Spirit. We have all chosen to play the roles both of the victim and the victimizer innumerable times. I personally killed scores of people during my lifetimes as a warrior in the battlefields of the Middle Ages. I had been instrumental in bringing hardship and torment to many. Yet I could not have done that if other souls had not agreed and volunteered to play the victims, which then paved the way for me to sow the seeds of healing, love and understanding in other lifetimes, such as this one. In return, I offered to help others in mastering their life lessons by playing the victim in a similar fashion and according to the principles of karma.

There is no judgment in the law ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. It is merely a self-evolving, perpetual principle of life that sustains our perception of duality until we are able to transcend it and perceive it for what it is. We are not being judged by God or anyone else, except perhaps by ourselves, for taking duality to its extremes i.e. for being a saint in one lifetime and a sinner in another. On the contrary, we are praised by the angels and masters on the other side of the veil for doing such painful work. It takes a saintly vision and a lot of compassion to see God in a murderer.

Source by Andreas Moritz

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