Love And Fear Can’t Coexist

What the world needs is love unfortunately what the world is experiencing now and for the foreseeable future is more fear.

There are only two basic emotions love and fear and evidence has proven that when you live your life from a center of love (not talking here about romantic love) rather than fear you will live longer, accomplish more and be happier.

If this is true, why do the majority of people let fear drive their life? Well, it’s complicated, but let me try and make it less so.

Every emotion is an offshoot of love or fear so whatever you are experiencing today; resentment or joy, anger or inner peace, uncertainty or faith, jealousy or confidence, happiness or anxiety or any other emotions – they are being driven by your basic emotional state.

Research over the years has also proven that you can’t come from love when you are dominated by fear and vice versa. So in a nutshell – love and fear can’t coexist. Yes, the potential for both emotions and their relatives are always present and ready to surface at any time, but in any given situation regardless of its circumstances will cause you to respond according to your dominant emotional position at the time.

I could go on for pages about the various consequences of both emotional states, but suffice it to say that letting the love based emotions determine the quality of your life will always be better than the fear ones.

When I say that love and fear cannot coexist – I am basically saying that you’re conscious decisions and choices are determining which emotions you allow to be the drivers of your life.

Coexisting is essentially a sharing and the mind will permit either fear or love to dominate. The mind doesn’t judge or rule, but simply reacts based on previous experiences and their impact on your life. It stores everything, I mean everything that you have ever thought, felt, believed and interpreted. When a circumstance shows up in your life and these are always neutral – in other words circumstances are not bad or good but depend on your interpretation of them and you have a conscious choice as to how you will view or define these and these definitions will be the result of you defaulting back to your mind’s storage of the past – blended with your interpretation or definition of what is happening now.

Therefore if you are coming from a love perspective you will interpret these in a positive way, however if you are coming from a fear position you will do the opposite and define them in a negative way.

The question is simply – how do you want to live your life – from a fear or love position and the decision you make will be continuously reinforced by actions, choices and behaviors that are congruent with this belief or expectation.

You know which of these emotional states are dominant in your life. If not just look around you or within you. Are you always stressed, pessimistic, upset, disappointed, frustrated, impatient, anxious, isolated or angry? Or, are you always accepting, playful, happy, involved and friendly?

You can’t be both positive and negative at the same time. Yes, you can fluctuate back and forth between these based on your interpretation of various situations or events, but in every case one or the other will dominate and this domination will always be based on your; mindsets, life philosophy, attitudes, expectations, interpretation of past experiences and knowledge.

If you don’t like living in a fearful state of mind you can change this, but it takes, courage, patience, awareness, knowledge, discipline, desire and action – none of which are easy if you are or have been dominated in the past by a negative or fearful mental state. But we always have a choice as to how we live from moment to moment. We can let circumstances control our lives, emotions and reactions or we can take back control.

Source by Tim Connor

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