Lower Back Tattoos – Flaunt Your Curves

The slope of the spine is a perfect place for lower back tattoos. That area of ​​the body is flat and smooth and shows off the curves in a beautiful and sexy way. Not only that, but because the lower back does not normally change with age, your inked art will stay beautiful throughout your life.

According to statistics, the lower back tattoo became popular in the late 1990s, especially with young women, although in some parts of the world they are considered to be too suggestive and promiscuous.

A positive aspect of lower back tattoos, is that the work can be done horizontally and cover a wide area to place various design patterns. Another reason the lower back is so popular, is that the inked design can be concealed if need be, although tattoos are more often placed there, because of the person's desire to have it displayed openly, and enjoys showing off while wearing the current fashion trends .

Women love tattoos on the lower back because they can be shown off with low cut bathing suits and dresses, low rise jeans, and crop tops – an art to behold! Because lower back tattoos emphasize the 'curvyness' of a woman's figure, they are often associated with sensuality. The tattoos are designed to follow the slope of the back, and suit the female well, because of the wideness of the hips. The effect can be striking!

There are many lower back tattoo designs to choose from. Some of them include the floral collections, the stars, sun and planets, pairs of wings, and images of the lotus seed. There are other designs that work as well, like Angels, birds, fairies, and dragonflies – and many more patterns, too numerous to name.

Lower back tattoos are considered an asset of sensuality that enhance feminine beauty – they are a work of art and ones to be considered.

Source by Angie Lawton

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