Majority of Home Republicans endorse ‘seditious abuse of the judicial course of’

Additionally, it is nonsense. No matter authorized customary the Supreme Courtroom would possibly take into account on this case, “Texas can’t meet it.” Moreover, “Nothing within the textual content, historical past, or construction of the Structure helps Texas’s view that it could possibly dictate the way through which 4 sister States run their elections, and Texas suffered no hurt as a result of it dislikes the ends in these elections.” Texas is, horrifyingly and dangerously, supported by 17 other Republican states. Extra horrifying and harmful, 106 Republican House members—a big majority of the Republican caucus—have filed a short in assist of it. Members of Congress, who’ve all sworn an oath to the Structure, are asking the Supreme Courtroom to start a coup, wipe out thousands and thousands of votes in 4 states, and hand the election to Trump.

Twenty different states in addition to the District of Columbia, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have filed in support of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and their voters, asking the courtroom to “reject Texas’s last-minute try and throw out the outcomes of an election determined by the individuals and securely overseen and authorized by its sister states.” The states level to the truth that the “Courtroom has lengthy acknowledged that it’s going to solely train unique jurisdiction based mostly on a displaying of ‘the seriousness and dignity of the declare’ and the dearth of ‘one other discussion board the place there may be jurisdiction'” and level out that each are missing in Texas’s petition. “Right here, the underlying authorized claims Texas belatedly seeks to litigate on this Courtroom might be, and certainly have been, litigated—and up to now misplaced—in alternate boards the place info might be developed and points totally aired, topic to this Courtroom’s extraordinary certiorari evaluation.” Additionally they level out the gravity and the hazard of what Texas and the opposite states would do: “Texas’s novel idea of the Electors Clause would overrule a century’s value of precedent, upend state election techniques nationwide, and invert core rules of federalism.”

They sadly did not use the phrase “sedition,” but it surely’s the undercurrent of their temporary—that Texas and the 17 states are attempting to wrest states’ rights away from the 4 (and by extension, any state with election outcomes they did not like) to overturn a nationwide election. Which 106 members of Congress have now endorsed.

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