Make Delicious Coffee Drinks at Home With the Espressione 1387

Many coffee-lovers are unwilling to give up their passion for coffee-house beverages, yet they’re looking for a way to “downsize” the cost of their daily caffeine fix. A compact home unit that produces brew house quality coffee beverages is a great solution, and the Espressione 1387 coffee machine fills that need quite nicely.

The Expressione 1387 has a load of features including 1000-watt power which helps to heat water quickly and apply pressure at the exact rate and time. The Max Cappuccino device is adjustable so the steam settings can be set to produce perfect froth every time you use it.

Most coffee lovers will agree that using freshly ground coffee makes the best tasting coffee drinks. With the versatility of the Espressione 1387, you can use either ESE coffee pods or ground coffee, allowing you to take advantage of the no-mess clean-up of pods when you have guests. When you want to brew that perfect cup for yourself, you can grind your own coffee allowing you to make a variety of coffee brewing choices.

One of my favorite things about the Expressione 1387 espresso and cappuccino maker is how easy it is to use. With the simplicity of this model, you will quickly be making wonderfully aromatic coffee drinks in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to give up flavor to save the money that you normally shell out at a coffee house. The Expressione 1387 is very compact and takes up very little counter space, yet it is a commercial grade machine that includes all of the features that a professional machine has.

The Expressione 1387 truly is a great value allowing me to make a wide array of wonderfully tasty coffee drinks including espresso and cappuccino. The steam arm produces frothy milk just like a coffee shop. I love that I can make coffee drinks at home like a true professional.

The Espressione 1387 espresso and cappuccino machine is the perfect solution to making your own coffee drinks in the comfort of your home, at a fraction of the cost of coffee shop beverages.

Source by Jackie Roufs

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