Malaysia: An Export Hub for Popular Grocery Products

Malaysia is the sparkling, lively mixture of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other cultural groups live together in harmony and peace. The country is the home to hundreds of colorful festivals. What attracts the tourists most of the country is the diverse regions and their varied characteristic feature. However, the country’s economy has grown strong for years and it does not solely depend on tourism rather the country has a very healthy and good trade relationship with many countries especially Philippines. The export of all type of wholesale items brings good profits to the Malaysian private companies. The country is a rich exporter of natural and agricultural resources, grocery products and a variety of household products.

Nescafe coffee, Maggi Noodles, Old Town White Coffee, Nestle Milo Drink, chocolate beverages are some of the most popular Malaysian grocery products that exported worldwide. Nescafe coffee is an instant drink that is famous all across the world for its rich and strong aroma. The brand started in Switzerland in 1938 and very soon expanded its markets to Europe and USA. Nescafe has a range of coffees; the classic drink gives a distinctive taste and aroma that is strong, tempting and appealing; the medium to dark roast provides exact flavor that is alluring and refreshing. The 3-in-1 coffee variety has the perfect blend of coffee, sugar, and whitener while for those who avoid sugar, the company offers 2-in-1 which has only coffee and sugar and sans creamer.

Besides Nescafe, Old Town White Coffee is another popular product exported from Malaysia globally. The brand is not simply famous for serving finest possible coffee but it also leads the way in producing white coffee. Manufactured at Ipoh in Malaysia, the Old Town white coffee tasted different from the usual black coffee and undergoes with proper roasting and preparation process. Currently, the white coffee from the brand exported to over 10 countries across the world.

Going with the rising demand of Malaysian products, many exporters came into being in the recent years who export famous Malaysian grocery products. With the burgeoning online grocery market, people are increasingly inclined to buy various Malaysian grocery products online as it is not just trouble-free process but also a way to buy products in competitive price range. One can order a variety of Malaysian grocery and food items like Nescafe Coffee, Maggi Noodles, Old Town White Coffee, Nestle Milo Drink, Apollo Wafers & Cakes, Comfort fabric Softner, and many other household and daily use items from the online exporters. It will really be a win-win deal as online retailers offer a choice of Malaysian products to many Asian markets in reasonable pricing.

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