Manual 10 pbn posts from hight DA Pa TF CF domains for $10

Manual 10 pbn posts from hight DA Pa TF CF domains

We are providing Super Natural high-quality PBN links with cheap price in other SEO forums, and 500+ clients got a massive

ranking from the past one year. You can check our reviews on SEO


TF 20+ ( Avg Guaranteed )

DA 15+ ( Avg Guaranteed )

privacy policy on each site, great TF/CF/DA/PA, trust and safety.

General Niche, you can use these PBN for all niches.


Your Backlinks will be published on the Homepage of sites.

Estimates will have good referring domains (min 20+ referring domains in Ahrefs)

Privacy Policy in all sites.

Links will be drip-feed for some days to look natural


Different IPs for each site

Hosted on different servers with different DNS

No interlink between sites


I use high quality of 99% unique Spun Content

Word Count min 300 each

Make Your Site Ranking Ready Without Losing your packet Heavy!!


Q: Which niche do you accept?

A: I accept all niches, Except ADULT, Porn, Casino, Gambling, Movies Sites and any illegal activity.

Q: Are these links permanent?

A: Yes, all links are permanent.

Q: Is your service Google friendly?

A: Of course, my service is completely Google friendly.

Q: Do you accept non-English Sites?

A: Yes, I accept all the languages website of the world, but the articles will still be in English and having an anchor text link with your provided keywords.

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