Marketing Salon Services

You took the first step to marketing your salon when you named it. By making the name of the salon easily recognizable and, more importantly, easy to remember you have placed your salon’s name at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds. Keep in mind that people quickly forget business names that are complicated or those that cannot be associated with something else in their memories.

Signs! Yes, a sign is important. It is not just what the sign says, but what color it is, where it is located, and how big the print is. First time customers do not drive down a street looking for a beauty salon sign. They will remember a large print sign that stood out from all of the hundreds of others that they drove by that day. If the name was catchy enough they will be able to remember it and call you for an appointment as soon as they need one.

When and how to advertise has been a question for every business that has ever existed. Any solution for marketing salon services will need to include a phone number, so the best place to start is to buy an ad in the yellow pages of your local phone directory. A nice business card-sized ad will bring more attention than most of the other salons listed around it. Another good resource for marketing your salon is the newspaper. An occasional, seasonal ad will not cost very much and will bring in a few new customers each time. A large ad for your grand opening would be good. Your local chamber of commerce usually gets a story in small town papers when you open a new business and join the chamber in that town. What could be better than free advertising?

You could also try a more personalized approach. You could have a website designed for your salon. It sounds very hi-tech, but it is not. Some websites can be designed for a few hundred dollars. With your own website you can add a section that tells the history of your business. This can add a personal side to your salon. You can list the products that you carry and the services that you offer so that potential customers have the convenience of asking questions and getting answers in their own homes. You can also offer online appointment-scheduling. This might be the future of marketing salon service online.

If a website is beyond the scope of your wants, or desires, there is the good old word-of-mouth network. Doing a good job and being friendly while you do it will do your salon marketing for you. Customers will tell others about your salon and your prices every time someone asks about their haircut or style. As with any business, quality is your best marketing tool.

Source by Greg Milner

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