Maximize the Benefits of Firewater with Flasks

Did you know that there was once a time when the US went dry? It was year 1920 when alcoholic drinks were banned from sale and distribution nationwide. Now you can start imagining a world without the fire water you’ve grown accustomed too.

Start Celebrating

But that’s not the case anymore. You can start thanking the powers that be. You can also start celebrating. How about having a little recap of the many benefits fire water gives you?

A Recap of the Benefits of Fire Water

First, it gives you a reason to sit down and bond with your friends. It gives you something to look forward to. This is especially helpful when you are spending long hours at work. The thought that you will be spending a carefree night out with your friends come weekend never fails to perk you up.

Second, fire water is so good at invigorating you when you’re feeling rather out of it. A few sips and you are back to your old good-natured self. Third, a few alcoholic drinks always give you a reason to revel just about anything, to make a toast and celebrate life.

Good for the Heart

Third, there’s the long list of benefits moderate drinking gives. Did you know that there’s strong medical evidence that moderate amounts of alcohol drinks are good for the heart? As a matter of fact, men who consume alcohol between three to seven days a week are found to have fewer heart attacks than those who drink only once a week. And it does not end there.

A Long List of Medical Benefits

Did you know that moderate drinking actually lowers insulin levels? How so? As it turns out, alcoholic drinks help improve sensitivity to insulin. Yes, you got it right. Moderate drinking is actually good for people with diabetes.

Moderate amounts of alcoholic drinks also help older men fight dementia. Even the mere fact that people who drink and socialize in the process already helps reduce risks to the disease. Also, moderated drinking help combat brain injuries like stroke. It also reduces formation of gallstones.

On Top of Your List are Your Favorite Flasks

And to top your list are the flasks that allow you to carry your fire water around and drink it in style. Now that’s an understatement. Your liquor flasks are more than just stylish; they’re classic and vintage too. Truly classy. Did you know that hip flasks were a favorite among the gentry during the medieval era? They make for great collector’s items too.

Drink in Moderation

But let’s get it all reinstated. You only truly get the benefits mentioned above if you drink in moderation. Otherwise, you’ll be getting yourself into dangers that are beyond what you could contemplate for now. You will only truly know what it’s like to have it bad when you’ve become a member of Alcoholic Anonymous.

What constitutes for moderate drinking anyway? It is two drinks in one day if you are under the age of 65 and a male. If you are over 65 or if you are a female, then you must keep your consumption at one drink a day.

You want to keep your alcoholic intake in moderation? Then liquor flasks are perfect for you. Fill it to the brim then put aside the rest of the bottle. That’s maintaining your alcohol consumption at a healthy level in style.

Source by Bradlley Mckoy

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