McConnell Says Trump Impeachment Articles Are Coming Soon

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Republican Senators to expect the Trump articles of impeachment to be delivered to the Senate next week.

Roll Call reported:

Republican senators were told by McConnell at a lunch Thursday to keep their schedules flexible for the end of next week, when they are supposed to leave Washington for a weeklong break that includes the MLK Day holiday on January 20.

According to an attendee, McConnell said that with the possibility that Speaker Nancy Pelosi could soon send over the impeachment articles, senators should be prepared to be at the Capitol for Saturday sessions starting Jan. 18.

This sounds like wishful thinking from McConnell. There is no evidence in Speaker Pelosi’s comments that she will be sending the articles of impeachment over before the end of the week.

McConnell’s comments to his caucus do provide some insight into how quickly he plans to speed through the impeachment trial. Holding a Saturday session would be one way to keep the American people from watching the trial.

Mitch McConnell is hoping that impeachment articles are coming soon, but until Pelosi sends them, the Senate Majority Leader can keep dreaming of a sham Trump trial.

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