McConnell’s newest poison pill-filled COVID-19 bundle is the cruelest but

It does embody the “Free Cross to Tyson for Murdering Staff” provision, which he’s calling “Secure to Work” as a result of he’s a fucking monster. It additionally consists of 100% deduction for enterprise meals as a result of that is actually the way you take care of hundreds of thousands of individuals going hungry. It would not not elevate the boundaries for SNAP advantages. It does embody $300 billion for the Paycheck Safety Program small enterprise loans due to course it does, despite the fact that it hasn’t actually labored. (Disclosure: Kos Media received a Paycheck Protection Program loan.) It tosses in $100 billion for training, $31 billion for vaccine distribution, and $16 billion for extra tasing.

It ends unilateral lending authority for the Federal Reserve and Treasury with any unspent funds, which means President-elect Joe Biden will not have any of that accessible. It creates obstacles for folks making an attempt to qualify for unemployment insurance coverage, making them bounce by further hoops with quick deadlines, which he calls “guardrails in opposition to fraud.” Once more, as a result of McConnell is a fucking monster who needs to inflict the utmost quantity of struggling and to hogtie Biden’s new administration, all whereas claiming that Republicans acted on the disaster.

That is rubbish. It comes on the absolute worst level within the pandemic with an unprecedented surge in instances nationwide and with months forward earlier than the vaccine helps get us out of the pandemic. Tens of millions are going hungry. And McConnell’s focus is on letting companies get off scot-free for endangering, even killing, their workers. Oh, and free enterprise meals. As a result of he’s a fucking monster.

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