Meditations – For Speaking Unkind and Unthoughtful Words

The world has become a cruel and unusual place and I am quite sure you, like I have been a victim, at some time, of a person speaking unkind and unthoughtful words. Whilst we may not be able to do anything about the person who has been unkind to ourselves, we can undertake reflectful meditations that will help ensure that we do not participate in the act of speaking unkind.

Speaking words of a cruel and harsh nature that point out the faults of another human being can have long-term and everlasting effects on the recipient, especially, those that are young children who are not able to deal with this type of behavior or speech.

The spoken harsh word or abuse is often caused by a motivation of anger but this is not always the case, even sarcasm or sarcastic speech can lead to pain and suffering by your victims.

In reality any speech that induces a recipient to feel unhappy, discomfort or sadness can be classified as a negative action and the result of this will be in the long run that you yourself will suffer for speaking those words not just your victim.

Meditation allows you the ability to overcome the use of cruel and harsh language by reprogramming your mind to think in a positive manner.

The Meditation –

The first part of this meditation is for you to desire that all people of all races, colour and creed will only hear pleasant and encouraging words from your tongue and that all undesirable, harsh, cruel and angry speech will leave your mind and body.

During your second phase of your meditation recall into your mind a time when you have spoken to someone in away that you would consider harsh and unthoughtful. Reflect upon the motivation that leads you to react in this way?

As you are reflecting on the pain and sorrow that you have caused, it is important for you to develop a sense of regret and distress as hurting your victim. Whilst you are meditating this pain, feel the pain and how it has hurt not just your victim, but the turmoil inside your own mind.

Now it is time in the final phase of the meditation to resolve that you will not undertake to poison another person mind with harsh and cruel words, keeping in mind that you are to be mindful of those that maybe vulnerable to that speech. Your undertaking in this meditation must be to only praise and never to criticize a fellow human being.

To ensure that you have overcome this destructive habit, meditate on this issue every day for a week, spending a minimum of 20 minutes a day on this meditation until you have mastered and overcome this destructive habit.

Source by Chris Le Roy

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