Memorable Holiday in Coorg: Rejuvenation in Homestays Amidst Forested Mounts

In the state of Karnataka, Coorg is an elegant district that several tourists prefer to visit every year. The peculiar characteristic of this hilly district is its blend of wild openness amidst the jolly ambiance, which makes you explore the best secrets of nature. Therefore, all nature lovers are bound to love this destination for a perfect holiday trip featured by organic beauty bejeweled with diverse landscapes of forests, hills, peaks, rivers, and charming hamlets. For those who love serenity, Coorg is a perfect choice to relax and rejuvenate amidst tranquility, as it is one of the least populated areas in the state. Stretching in the southern Western Ghats, the district boasts a calm atmosphere although you will be able to listen to the birds and gushing waterfalls.

If you are a cultural buff, it is best to come here during the widely celebrated festivals of Onam in August/September and Pongal on 14th or 15th January. This is the time when you can see the locals in cultural dresses performing rituals: Men in dhotis and women in traditional sarees cooking custom recipes. Although the local language here is Tamil, people are well versed with English, which means you can interact and mingle well with them.

One of the inseparable aspects of the culture here is the South Indian food that you just cannot ignore to taste. In order to taste the original recipes, it is ideal to stay in one of the home-stays in Coorg. The district has always offered its homes to tourists on rent and with utmost hospitality. While staying here, you will enjoy tasting regional dishes such as Akki roti, Kadubuttu, and Paaputtu apart from refreshing with delicious beverages such as coffee and jaggery drink.

In fact, several home-stays in Coorg are nestled amidst the rejuvenating greens of coffee plantations. You can easily take up a walking tour within the estate to explore the best aspects of nature while in a home-stay. Hospitable welcome, original food taste, free nature tours, and guidelines to explore several other attractions are the benefits of staying in a Coorg home-stay.

A majority of these holiday homes offer service apartments that are available in different pay scales. You can find all kinds of options: Budget apartment, medium-scale rooms, and even luxury suites as per the number of people in your group and budget you have. Therefore, you can find your dream home-stay irrespective of the budget.

Source by Dipali Gan

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