Men’s Fashion – Buying A Suit That Fits Correctly

If you are planning to buy a new suit, one of the golden rules is to choose a suit that fits correctly. While a tailor made suit may seem the simple solution, this can be a very expensive option, with costs often exceeding your initial budget. Buying a suit off the shelf can be more economical solution, and by following a few simple rules you can look just as smart.

A suit that fits correctly will not only be more comfortable but will also look good, especially if you want to make the right impression. Whether its too big or too small an ill fitting suit will draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. Following some simple steps will ensure you have a well tailored suit that leaves you feeling comfortable and looking smart. The hem of your trousers should fall neatly to the top of your shoes, if they are too long this will result in excess material folding up around your ankles. Trousers which are too short will expose too much sock or even your leg when sitting down, again this will be obvious. If you don’t already know your inside leg measurement, establish this before you start searching for your perfect suit, as this will save you a lot of time.

Ensure you also know your waist measurement, for a correct fit your trousers should fit well at your waist. As a general rule, if you require a belt to support your trousers, they are too big, if the waist is too small they will instantly feel uncomfortable. As a suit will generally be worn for several hours its important to find the correct waist measurement to ensure you are comfortable as well as looking good. The length of your jacket will depend on the style of suit you buy, and these can vary enormously, however knowing your chest measurement will help, but if you are slightly taller or shorter than average you may experience some problems with jacket length when buying an off the shelf suit. As a general guide the jacket should just cover the curve of your bottom at the top of your thigh, longer than this will leave you looking swamped and any shorter will leave you looking disproportionate.

The sleeve length is also important, as you don’t want your sleeves to be too long, so they cover your hands and they should not be too short. The correct length for your sleeves should be approximately one inch past your wrist bone. With these few simple steps you should be able to find and buy a good fitting suit, that you can wear comfortably and look great for any occasion.

Source by Louise Owen

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