Men's Underwear – What Does Your Style Say About You?

You must have known about the different styles of men's underwear in many magazines and on the web. This article focuses on the various kinds of men's apparels and what do they say about your personality. Men's underwear has emerged as a passion for the modern generation males which is quite visible with the changing trends, newer colors, designs and fabrics being introduced in the market. However, online shopping has picked up pace in the last few decades compared to the retail shopping.

Let us look at the various styles and what they say about your personality.

Briefs: Men's brief underwear is the conventional style worn by a majority of men worldwide. One thing that makes the style so popular is the snug fit with a lot of fabric all around the assets. This men's fashion underwear is for guys who like to stick to what they have and are love with a lot of fabric– on the front and rear. They do not like to experiment until it is required and are happy with what they've been brought up with.

Boxer Briefs: Men's boxer briefs is an elongated version of briefs and are made to provide the in between feeling of boxers and briefs. The sporty guys are the ones who opt for boxer briefs because they are great to prevent chafing while keeping everything under covers. So, guys who to work out and keep it all in place are the ones who love boxer briefs. In other words, he knows what women want.

Boxers: Boxers are the loose, comfortable and free feeling provider. Their loose construction is what makes them so wanted among the male population. The guy who wears boxers is the guy who is laid back, a little lazy because he feels too comfortable to get up and do the assigned job; very friendly and has an old heart.

Thongs: Thongs are the modern version of going commando – that is what people think. However, men's thong underwear is gaining popularity all over the world and are even being appreciated by the regular wearers. Guys who wear thongs are considered to be a show off. This is because of the fact that the skimpy style is revealing and puts the entire for exposure. Good or bad; it totally depends on your taste.

C-string: Men's c-strings are the most revolutionary men's sexy underwear style known to the human race. The self supporting apparel tells a lot about your personality except the fact that you're free person. Guys who fall for this are freedom lovers, independent and wear tight clothes.

Bikinis: Men's bikini underwear are a part of the sexy apparel category that are a perfect combination of hide and show. The undergarment covers what needs to be covered and reveals what is necessary. Guys who balance their sex appeal, classiness and masculinity.

These men's designer underwear styles are offered by numerous brands such as Good Devil, Cover Male, Ergowear, Intymen, Agacio, Candyman and many more. Many online stores carries a large inventory with the above mentioned styles for every taste, personality and mood.

Source by Michael Falcon A

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