Men's Winter Fashion – Fur Hats

In winters it is essential to keep yourself warm. One can choose a fur hat for keeping your head and ears covered. As compared to the stocking cap style, the ushanka, as it is popularly known, covers the lower part of the ears and also the cheeks and the chin. Now, there is a lot of variety available in the market for different types of fur hats.

As always there are fewer options for men to dress up as compared to women. But we should not forget that men can dress up too. A well-dressed man is indeed a treat to watch. In winters one can style themselves with appropriate options other than just wearing the same old woolen apparel. The ushanka gives you an opportunity to add up a new style to your wardrobe. It is also called as the trapper hat, chapka and sometimes is also known as 'Elmer Fudd'. It has flexible straps on each side with a leather tie or string to connect them below your chin or sometimes also on top of the hat.

There are a lot of styling options available with this men's fur hat. Any ushanka would have some things in common. The ushanka would generally have a thick, furry lining, both in the exterior and interior being furred. There would be flexible ear flaps on both sides of the head. There may be three types of flaps available. One might have flaps tied up at the crown or head. Second may have flaps tied below the chin. And the third might have flaps kept loose ie untied. Some ushankas are also known to have blinkers to keep the forehead warm and also shade the top of the eyes. Only some styles have this small visor or eye flap.

With so many styling options available, winters no more remain a boring season to dress for men too. Now men can experiment with different types of ushankas. The trapper hats are actually a kind of hybrid between the aviator cap and the ushanka. It has the style of the aviator and the furriness of the ushanka. They have a warm but a goofy look. They prove best to spend time outdoors. With so much of variation in men's fur hats, one cannot deny that looking trendy in winters is possible. One just needs to make a right choice of the hat one needs as per their preferences and make a move to showcase it with just the right attitude.

The ushanka is one of the warmest options available for winters. It encompasses the style component along with the need to keep warm. It is advisable to pair it up with a long overcoat. Also one may combine it with a woolen dress coat. Men's hats generally are made of dark colored furs.

It is essential to choose the right type of fur hat. There are a lot of synthetics available which make the real fur hat more of luxury

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