Migraine Relief Dietary Guildelines

According to research, one of the main triggers of migraines is the kind of foods we eat on a daily basis. Knowing the food items you are not to eat or include in your meals as a migraine sufferer and also the ones that are to eat in order to help put your migraine headaches in check is indeed advisable knowing how painful, disturbing and unbearable migraine headaches can be. If adjusting your daily diet will go a long way in relieving you of these pains, then it is a reasonable idea.

Below are the migraine dietary guidelines that will really help relieve your migraine and probably eliminate it–

1. Avoid foods and additives that contain sulfites, as they are great triggers of migraines.

2. Also avoid food additives or preservatives especially the ones that contain nitrates as they are known to cause dilation of the blood vessels around the brain and that can trigger your migraines.

3. Avoid foods that contain a substance known as tyramine. Tyramine is also formed when protenious foods age. Examples of foods that contains this substance are aged cheese, blue cheeses, brie, cheddar, feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan, swiss, cured or processed meats, certain beans (fava, broad, garbanzo, lima and pinto beans), onions, olives, pickles, avocados, raisins, canned soups, and nuts.

4. Avoid foods that contain monosodium glutamate or mechanically separated beef (MSB), and also avoid foods that contain caffeine such as coffee and chocolate.

5. Alcoholic beverages: These are core triggers of various types of migraine including cluster migraine. The rate of your blood flow increases when you take alcohol or alcoholic drinks, maybe it's as a result of the metabolic activities that goes on in your body whenever you drink it. Examples of various drinks that contain harmful alcohol which can lead to migraine are Red wine such as beer, whiskey, and champagne.

6. Eating cold foods could trigger migraines in some migraine sufferers. If that is your case, avoid it.

7. Avoid smoking cigarettes as they are also great triggers of migraine headache.

8. Always include green vegetables and nuts or migraine supplements in your diets as these can also help to reduce your migraine headache.

9. Consume magnesium rich foods or take its supplements, as magnesium is believed to decrease the symptoms of migraine. All the same do not overdose with magnesium as too much of it can lead to diarrhea, muscle weakness, and high blood pressure.

If your migraine headaches are triggered after consuming any of the food items mentioned above and you began to experience migraine symptoms such as pains in the chest, front or one side of the head, dizziness or abdominal discomfort. Then you need to put your daily diet into consideration and see if your migraines have been influenced. Adhering to these guidelines will not only reduce your migraines but also improve your overall well-being. This article entails a general ground; you still need to consult your doctor or health consultant to give you more advice according to your body metabolism.

Source by Nkechi E Ibe

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