Mike Pence Busted As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Plot

Lev Parnas said that Mike Pence knew about the Ukraine plot and went to meet with President Zelensky on Trump’s behalf in Poland.

Rachel Maddow asked Parnas if Mike Pence knew the real reason for his Ukraine trip being canceled. He answered, “I’m going to use a famous quote by Gordon Sondland — everybody was in the loop.”

Parnas continued, “I know he went to Poland also to discuss this on Trump’s behalf, so he couldn’t have not known.”


Parnas is right. It is impossible for Pence to have met Zelensky on Trump’s behalf to discuss the Ukraine shakedown and not know about the plot to withhold congressionally appropriated military aid unless the Ukrainians launch an investigation into Joe Biden. Mike Pence didn’t just know. The vice president was involved in the scheme.

Lev Parnas’s interview was a ten-ton bomb dropped on the Trump administration, because is scratched the surface of how deep this conspiracy went inside the Executive Branch. The Ukraine scandal is a Trump administration scandal. It a massive problem for the Republican Party. Mitch McConnell wanted to sweep impeachment under the rug, because as more details emerge, Trump and the GOP look increasingly doomed in 2020.

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