Minnetonka Front Lace Up Boots – Why the Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know About Them?

There are several different styles of boots which are proving to be very popular fashion accessories this season. One such style that seems to be a favorite with the celebrities are the Minnetonka Front Lace Up Boots. These are made using good quality suede and have either a hard or soft sole on them. The great thing about these particular boots is that they go with just about any outfit you already have in your wardrobe.

Recently we have seen many pictures of Kate Moss wearing these boots. As Kate has shown not only do they look good when teamed up with a pair of denim shorts they also look wonderful with jeans. But what could really make these boots stand out was if you were to pair them with the country life look as demonstrated in the Dolce Gabbana catwalk shows.

These boots come in several different colors and as already mentioned have a hard or soft sole to them. The main advantage of purchasing a pair of the Minnetonka Front Lace Boots with the hard sole is that it helps to extend the life of the boots. Whilst the soft sole version are far more flexible and comfortable, it almost feels like you have nothing on your feet, they are not as durable.

When you decide to purchase a pair of these boots whether they be brown, dusty brown or black it is important that you buy them in the size you would normally wear. Plus these boots compared to some others require a lot more care as the material from which they are made can stretch easily. The important thing to do before you actually start wearing these boots is that you spray them with a special suede protector like those made by Scotchguard. By doing this you are ensuring that your boots will remain pretty much the same as when you first brought them.

The boot measures a total of 14 inches and this is what makes them ideal for wearing with just about anything you have in your wardrobe. For many women who have already purchased themselves a pair of Minnetonka Front Lace boots they are wondering why they didn’t purchase them sooner. This is down to them being extremely comfortable when worn due to the insole which is cushioned.

So if you are looking for a great looking pair of boots that you team up with just about anything in your wardrobe then the Minnetonka Front Lace Up Boots are perfect for you. Soon you could find yourself recreating the looks that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss have displayed when wearing these boots.

Source by Allison Thompson

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