Misplaced Motivations

Ever have one of those days where everything goes right?

Motivation is more than a few reasons you want to get something done. Most people use money as their primary vehicle for motivation. I certainly did that during the three years I studied business at McGill University. I quickly realized my motivation was misplaced.

So how do we deal with misplaced motivation?

First we have to identify the root cause. Often when we exert a certain desire to do something, but are unsure why, as people we love and are concerned for our futures suggest ideas as to why we might like what we like. Some of these ideas shape our own personal reasons. With time, we forget what we wanted originally.

When I was 6 I sold bookmarks, when I was 12 I sold bread (home-made), and when I was 14 I shovelled driveways in the winter, raked leaves in the fall and took care of gardens in the summer.

Hence, when I told my friends that I was interested in studying business they concluded that I wanted to study Accounting, for a good knowledge of how businesses work. Accounting later turned into CGA (Certified General Accountant), which eventually became CA (Chartered Accountant). Did I really want to be a CA?

Today, my plans to become a CA have turned into an English Literature Major. How did I get from Business to English? I got brutally honest with myself and went back to when I was 12 years old.

This is what you are now going to do with yourself. Go back to the days when you knew no fear, and did what you wanted to do without any thought of the possible consequences.

That’s right, when you were 7 or 8 years old.

What did you love doing back then? You may need to call up your parents and ask them what you loved doing (i.e. whatever you did that made you smile) before you can remember.

Take a break and do this right now.

(6-10 minutes later…)

What have you come up with? Do you feel that what you wanted to do isn’t exactly what you now feel will put dinner on the table?

Join the club! But this is where the fun begins.

If what you have come up with is truly what you, only you, personally you…truly love doing, then you will make darn sure you find a way to make it work.

I understand all of this is still in your head. Imagine your entire life depends on you finding a way to make what you love BIG! In truth, your happy life depends on this. 99% of people settle for the pay check every two weeks and the boring day at the office.

This is where motivation comes into being. If you are doing what you love, you are motivated 10,000% more than if you are doing something you hate-we all know this!

For the next few days, when you express gratitude for everything that you have and are and can be, remind yourself of what you always wanted to do.

The sky is the limit! Problem is most people keep giving themselves limitations.

Source by Daniel Massicotte

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