Mitt Romney Joins Spiritual March On The White Home To Assist Black Lives Matter

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) joined 1,000 Individuals of religion in a march to the White Home in assist of Black Lives Matter.

Romney stated that he was marching to finish violence and brutality and to be sure that folks know that black lives matter.


The group is described as principally evangelical Christian and they’re chanting Black Lives Matter, and singing this little gentle of mine:

The truth that Romney is marching to the White Home in assist of black lives matter will drive Trump up the wall. Politically, evangelicals as a bunch are the spine of Trump’s assist. It is a president who solely gained the election by 80,000 votes in three states. His margin for error with any group that supported him is just about zero.

If Trump slips with evangelicals, even slightly, he will probably be putting himself able to lose the election.

The Trump administration doesn’t see or take heed to anybody exterior of their base, so a thousand evangelicals marching to the White Home ought to get somebody’s consideration.

The consensus in opposition to ending the established order of systemic racism is beginning to lower throughout political traces, as Trump and his helps appear like they’re on the unsuitable facet of historical past.

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