MLM Motivation: The Key to Getting Over the Hump and Making Big Money in Your MLM Business

Let’s face it, making an MLM successful can be hard work. The biggest battle most MLMers face is finding the motivation to push through the first few months where you are working very hard for very little money. MLM success is like any business, you have to put more money, time, and hard work in at the start before you see any results than you do later on when you have created some momentum in your business.

So how do you find MLM Motivation? These three simple steps should help you to push through and get over the hump to become an MLM success.

Have a Clear Why

You’ve probably heard before that you need to know your “Why” but this is the number one key to MLM motivation. You must have a precise reason for wanting to achieve success. It could be to quit your job and spend more time with your family, it could be because you have always wanted to move to Hawaii but haven’t had the resources. Having a clear “Why” you can think about and focus on will help you to get over laziness and fear of failure to get you to actually take action.

Have a Clear Plan

Once you know why you want it, you must be clear on what you want. Create a goal that inspires you, but that you know you can reach. Set a time limit on it and then make a plan for how to get there. When I first started I would often allocate time to work on my business and then sit down and have no idea what to do. If you are following a plan you simply need to put in the work and it will automatically move you toward your goal.

Study Success Stories

This is vital to your MLM motivation. This is a tough business, and not everyone is successful. Find those that are and find out their story. Everyone starts at the beginning and no one has any special magic pill that made them successful. Find out what they did and how they got momentum in their business. A good exercise is to follow their moves online. As most marketers are now generating the majority of their business online it can be easy to track and see what they are doing, how they set up their blog, what type of marketing they use. If you can find trainings that they have done listen and see if you can figure out exactly what steps they took toward success. I love doing this as you can often dig in and find the marketing they did when they were at the start. They may look slick and professional now, but they probably made some ridiculous videos or wrote some amateurish articles. It can really help your motivation to see how like you they were at the start.

Be Consistent

There is not more important to success in your business than consistency. Often people in MLMs change their strategy or marketing based on every single new training call they come across. They want to have a finger in every pie, but never really take the time to properly establish any one form of marketing. Once you have picked your marketing method and created your plan stick to it and CONSISTENTLY work on it every single day. Include weekends, include your daughter’s birthday, just pick a manageable amount of work you can commit to and then do it daily. This is the best thing you can do to stay motivated as it will become habit and no longer seem like a chore. If you are doing one type of marketing consistently you will also begin to see results. They will seem small at the start, but you will find they grow exponentially and getting results will skyrocket your motivation to continue more than anything else. Once you have started to get serious results in one type of marketing you can add another and put consistent work into that as well.

Source by Niamh Arthur

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