Money on the Internet – What You Need to Know

If you’re reading this, then you’re thinking about making money or already are making money on the internet. We new comers are at the mercy of the people with the programs or systems that are trying to get us to buy their product. What I’m going to try and do is take some of the pain and agony out of the process of choosing something to work with.

What you have is a big inter circle with a big wall around it with the people that have products to sell. On the out side of the wall is you and me. When we buy a system from one of them, we then start working for them. By that I mean we start trying to sell their product. In the system that I am in there are about 3500 people registered on their form. No telling how many that aren’t registered. We are all trying to sell for them. The only way to get inside the wall is to develop a product of your own, and get people like us to sell it for you. In this system we get a free web site, that cost us $80, to advertise their product. Don’t get me wrong, the program is worth the money because I have learned a lot from this course. So, for a learning tool, it’s great. But I don’t think you need some of the things they try to sell, like the web site and the free DVD’s that you only pay shipping and handling. They will offer you the services of a mentor for a pretty hefty fee. I can’t think of a thing they can do other than cheer me on. All the motivation I need is to earn the money back that I have already invested. If you don’t spend any money on free things that cost you money it will be a little easier to recoup your investment or if you don’t you won’t be out that much. The FORUMS that they try to get you in are up to you. They don’t cost anything and if you get stuck on a problem someone there might be able to help. Most of the people in them will be in the same boat you are. Seems like once someone starts making money they don’t mess with the forums anymore.

You will need to get yourself a web site. I recommend a blog. There are a couple of places to do that like and They are free and you can send your prospected buyers to this site for your sales pitch.

The money making products online are surveys, taking polls, eBay, data entry and a few others. But the others are affiliate marketing. There are a lot of different names, but they all do the same thing. You pay for a product and they tell you how to sell it for them. You are selling their system and you get a cut of the money. They tell you how to write articles and ads to drive people to a web site that has their product on it. You have very little control over what is on this site, that’s why I said don’t waste your money.

There is a free learning tool called “Article Marketing” which will give you a good heads up on how to write article and ads. This will point you to and and tell you what they expect in your articles. If you get posted on Ezine your article will show up pretty high on the search engines. Goarticle will show up on the search as well, but Ezine will be a little further up on the pages. The Ezine article will be a little harder to get published than the Goarticle, but the search engines seem to like them better. There are a couple of sites that has a list of hundreds of product that you can write article or ads for and they will pay you a commission on the sales. They are clicbank and paydotcom. You will be instructed on how to advertise these products. The way you name these products is the key to having your ad show up higher on the search engines, and that’s the whole idea. The higher you are, the more likely your ads will be read. Usfreeads will let you place ads there(2 ads free) but, for $10 per year you can place 25 ads. I believe it’s worth the money. There is a challenge in trying to write articles and ads and seeing just where they might end up on the search engines, or just seeing them in print, that alone makes you feel pretty good. Make money, it’s kind of hard to tell if you will, but if you don’t take the trip you’ll never know.

Source by Jerry Pugh

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