Monosodium Glutamate MSG – A Neurotoxin Or A Harmless Food Flavor Enhancer?

MSGs safety for human consumption has been widely debated for well over 50 years. Some people are highly sensitive to it, while others appear not to be, and still yet, others may be and not even know they are.

Manufactured / processed monosodium glutamate is the substance in question that causes the most reactions in MSG sensitive people. So what is MSG exactly?

It is the sodium salt of the amino acid known as glutamic acid, and a form of glutamate. Glutamate occurs naturally and is found in many living things, including you. It is found in protein-containing foods such as cheese, milk, meat, vegetables, and spores (mushrooms).

When it is found in its natural unbound (unprocessed) form, and is not subjected to some sort of manufactured or fermented process, is not harmful for human or animal consumption. All forms of manufactured / processed glutamic acid contains contaminants, while the naturally occurring substance in nature does not.

Although most people connect MSG with Chinese food, few people realize how massively it is used in the processed food industry. It is present in nearly every food that is manufactured. Considering how cheap and convenient it is, food manufacturers love it because they can get away with reducing the amount of real food substances by substituting with cheap fillers, add some MSG to get a 'morphine like' taste punch to the food product. It also intensifies the eating experience in not only enhancing the flavor of the food, but it alters color and odor of the food as well.

The bottom line, it saves them a lot of money, it allows them to sell you an inferior food product.

MSG has no nutritional value whatsoever. Like sugar, it stimulates your taste buds, making you desire the taste so much you will keep on buying the product and keep eating it. MSG changes your perception of how a food tastes. Many experts in the field of studying its harmful effects claim that it stimulates parts of the brain to produce an addiction in much the same way as alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs do.

In other words, MSG is addictive. So, even if you do not drink alcohol or smoke, eating a lot of processed food is just as addictive as drugs, in essence your trading the pleasure of drugs for this addictive substance in the food you eat.

Food manufacturers are no dummies, they know they have the FDA on their side, and they know using MSG will ensure repeat customers for them.

So, what is all the fuss about when it comes to the over use of MSG, and another closely related substance called Apartame (NutriSweet)?

In literally hundreds of diet studies done around the world, scientists can create, and replicate the inducing of obesity in laboratory animals. Mice and rats can be made obese, without increasing their food intake by giving them MSG. According to John Erb, author of "The Slow Poisoning of America", there currently may actually be a chemical responsible for America's obesity and diabetic epidemic, and that chemical might just be MSG.

It has been scientifically linked to obesity over and over, and has been linked to irregular and rapid heartbeat, stomach problems, depression, fatigue, and brain problems. This is only a short list, there are many others to numerous to mention in this article.

Even knowing that most people, if given a choice, do not want MSG added to their food will not stop them from putting it in anyway. Manufacturers are on to the fact that consumers are scrutinizing food labels. They have taken on great deception practices to continue its use in food products by not directly labeling MSG as MSG. It is often hidden in names such as gelatin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, malted barley, and rice or brown rice syrup.

The list of names is rather long and extensive. You can find out more by reading John Erb's book, or type in the search terms neurotoxin-MSG on a search engine to learn more hidden names on labels disguised as MSG.

I really do not believe this is a conspiracy by corporate food companies to keep us sick, although some may argue with that way of thinking. I believe it is more connected to corporate greed than anything else. Greed in keeping millions of dollars flowing through corporate bank accounts. Can you envision a long and complicated money trail that benefits several industries besides the manufactured food business?

Another expert in the the health damaging effects of MSG saga, is Dr. Russell Blaylock. He is the author of "Exitotoxins: The Taste That Kills". Dr. Blaylock says, "MSG basically overexcites your body cells, it over stimulates them to the point of damaging them., Acting as a poison".

Avoiding MSG altogether is going to be real hard to do, but not impossible. It could take up quite a bit of your time if you let it, and until it is banned or taken out of our food supply what can you do to avoid its harmful effects?

Cooking from scratch and starting with whole foods is one way of cutting down on getting too much of this unhealthy substance. Another way to keep manufactured / processed free glutamic acid from binding to cell receptors, is to eat a diet high in raw (or lightly cooked) dark colored fruits and vegetables. They are loaded with antioxidants and are one of your best defenses against a build up of this toxic poison in your body.

And, even though I have not read this specifically, I think I would be rather safe in recommending it, an an increased water intake would be highly effective also. By drinking your body's daily requirement of water will help you immensely in the flushing out process of MSG in your system.

Not to mention also, that the combination of increasing your fruit, vegetable, and water intake will go a long way in reducing many other major or minor health complaints you may currently have.

This solution is really beneficial in so many ways, you may just find it nothing short of incredible! You can also refuse to buy a lot of foods that contain MSG. That is only the real message food manufacturers will understand in the long run.

Source by Brenda Skidmore

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