Motivation For Success

Some people know what their motivation is, others may not have a clue. Being at such a young age it took me a while to find my motivation. Being a cocky young person, thinking I could take the world on made it hard to do. I always thought to myself, it's all about money or money is my motivation. That's really not it at all. I am not saying I do not need money or money cannot be a motivation but what I AM saying is that it can be much more than just that.

Through lots of experiences, learning, and lessons, I found myself thinking what if I could find a way to make my life great, work for myself on my own time, AND make money all at the same time. That was it, that was my motivation. Here I am working day by day at a normal paying job. It's good, I get paid, I have some leverage in money, but am I happy doing it? Not really. I would much rather enjoy doing what I love to do and make money doing it.

Some people may have different motivations than others but it is all still that thing that drives you to creating success. Think about it hard, find your motivation, use that as your fuel for success, and keep on trying. Failing is part of the process and without that motivation to keep you moving on, you may not go far.

"Find your motivation and your career will find you" – Brian

Source by Brian Boyer

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