Motivation – Inspiration Or Desperation?

There are two forces which motivate us or cause us to act. Inspiration or desperation.

Always act out of inspiration and you will experience more joy in your day to day living. Take a look at your current life situation and ask yourself an honest question? Why do you do, the things you do? What drives you to do them?

The key to happiness is to base ALL your goals, ideals and aspirations upon inspiration. If you find yourself needy or desperate, then the course of action may not be worth pursuing.

Having asked that question to many people I find mixed responses. I ask why do you go to work each day? “Just because everyone goes to work” or “So I can pay the bills”… That’s Desperation!

Alternatively others say “Because I love what I do!” or “To make a difference”… That’s Inspiration!

If you are in a job you hate, do yourself a favour and hand in your notice tomorrow. I’m dead serious, I don’t care if it pays your bills, money does not buy happiness, and there is no substitute or any amount of money in the world which is worth more than your happiness! Don’t go to work because you fear poverty, find a labour of love instead. A job you love and being rich, is not mutually exclusive, have your cake and eat it too!

Sometimes I ask why they are in intimate relationships, “I just don’t want to be alone” or “He treats me like crap but we’ve been together so long now”, sound familiar? If so, get out of it now!

No loving relationship can be founded on desperation. The happiest people reply I am in a relationship because “I love them so much”, “They help me be the best version of me” or “We would really love to start a family someday”. That’s more like it.

This rule applies not only in relationships or job satisfaction, although they are the most common. The force of inspiration should be the reason for everything you do, in all areas of your life.

It’s so obviously simple I know, but you wouldn’t believe how many people habitually act out of desperation in almost everything they do, without even being consciously aware they are doing it.

If you are guilty, don’t worry, just re-evaluate. Take time to consider, which of your current habits are inspired, and which ones you might need to cast off, even if that means bold, radical action or change. Create and find new hobbies, activities, work, friends, partners, habits and goals which inspire you!

May all your choices and decisions be governed by inspiration!

Source by Joey Bushnell

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