Motivational Coach – Three Elements of Motivation

When you see a motivational coach, they help you deal with motivation in three different ways, which include motivating you, coaching you to motivate others, and teaching you ways to motivate yourself. When working with a motivational coach the first session is done to find out what type of things are most likely to get you motivated. Going from bored, sluggish, and unhappy to feeling motivated is something that is not going to happen overnight because it takes time, practice, and exploration. A motivational coach believes that there are three elements to motivation.

Most motivational coaches feel that motivation come from two different areas of you.

• Outside-this type of motivation is called extrinsic motivation. It comes from the desire for external rewards like fame, money, or success. This type of motivated person will work hard whether they enjoy it or not as long as they will receive some type of recognition at the end.

• Inside-this type of motivation is called intrinsic motivation. It comes from the real enjoyment of an activity. They get their reward from the experience and enjoyment of doing something, not the physical reward you may get at the end.

Three stages of motivation


In order for a person to become motivated, it starts with the impulse to do or change something. It is considered the “want” element of motivation. There are two levels of activation, which include:

• Low activation-this person will rarely feel the impulse to achieve or do anything and usually live their life playing “it safe” and avoiding challenges. Some of the reasons this could happen include fearing failure, having low self-esteem or low self-confidence, suffering from anxiety and depression and more.

• High activation-if you are an extrinsically or intrinsically motivated person you can achieve this level if the right incentives are offered. This person is always setting some type of goal but most often the goals are discarded before they start a new list of goals.


To be motivated it requires the desire, which is how much do you really want to achieve your goal. It is good that you make lists of goals you want to accomplish but the question is just how much do you want to achieve them but will you give up before you realize them because you never really wanted them.


Although you might want something will it be enough for you not to give up even when times are hard to get what you want. Do you have the will power and determination to get what you want? Without persistence, you will never be able to reach your goals.

Your motivational coach will work with you to help you become motivated and reach your goals.

Source by Lora Davis

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