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A study by the University of Southern California found that if you live in a city and travel 12,000 miles a year, you can get the equivalent of a two-year college education every three years by just listening to audio books while you travel.

Many of us spend so much time traveling on a daily basis that we might ask ourselves, could we put this time to better use? Could we use this daily opportunity as a way to increase our knowledge and keep ourselves highly motivated? I suggest that we don’t waste this valuable time anymore.

I recently came across an amazing group of products from a company that inspirational speaker Jim Rohn Called “The most powerful motivational communication tool of the 21st century.”

On the companies website you can get material from legendary motivation speakers such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn and many more, their speeches, seminars, and interviews are mixed with cool background music. These products have the potential to become key education and training resources that are both entertaining and powerfully effective. The cds and mp3 downloads can be listened to while in the car, on the train, at the airport, at the gym, or really wherever you like.

In another study on memory, researchers found that when people listened to information that they had never heard before, two weeks later they could only remember two percent of it. However, if they listened to it for six consecutive days, they remembered up to sixty-two percent of it two weeks later.

Repeated listening is an effective way to learn.

Also, by listening to motivational material while traveling you are less likely to experience stress because you are not thinking about being stuck in traffic. Instead, your mind is zoned in on doing something positive towards your self improvement.

I suggest that rather than reading the daily newspaper with your breakfast in the morning, you listen to some motivational material instead. A great motivational music mix that offers sound advice will be more motivating and beneficial than reading about the latest trouble in the economy.

This material is one of the most enjoyable and effective personal development resources available today. It is also proven to accelerate success in your personal and business life. According to whole brain research, ‘listening to the spoken word and music as part of a systematized, organized process will significantly improve your learning.’ This will make it easier for you to absorb information, learn new belief systems and quickly achieve the results you want in life.

However, listening is not enough, you cannot expect the Motivational material to do all the work for you just on its own.

You must be willing to take action. Who knows, they might offer you just the inspiration that you need to get yourself on the road to success in what ever area that you choose.

To get you started you can go on the Smoothe Mixx website and download a free album. There are 12 tracks from Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dennis Waitley and many more.


Source by Damien Thomas

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