Motivational Stories: The Story Of Charice Pempengco

Charice Pempengco is a vocalist from the Philippines known for singing on The Ellen Degeneres Show and other famous television show along with being guested on several talk shows throughout the United States. Known for her smash hits like Pyramid and Louder, not too many people are aware of her life story that starts off with a humble beginning.

Charice was a young girl who always had a beautiful voice. She would join contests constantly from the age of 7 all the way up until 13. The only difference between Charice and several other singers was the simple fact that she wasn't as beautiful as many other Filipinos. One of the most difficult times for her would be when she would lose to other singers in local contests that were never really good, but they won because of their looks.

One of the most popular times when this happened was when she joined the famous talent search show in the Philippines, titled "Little Big Star". It offered young children and teens in the Philippines the chance to show off their vocal skills and make their mark in this industry. When she first joined the show, she was kicked off at the entrance of the audition (without singing) simply because she "didn't have the certain look that they were looking for". After negotiating, she was given the chance to audition for the show. After much luck, she was able to take home third place, but the sad fact being that the winner was simply a dancing vocalist who won because of his charming good looks.

After just two years of losing from that competition, she guested on the Ellen Degeneres show, and then she went on to succeeding with guestings on Oprah and a wide variety of other shows throughout the US.

However, it wasn't just her looks that caused her the trouble and difficulty in the music industry; it was also the cause of having an abusive father growing up. Her father abused her Mother until she was three, and it was during this time when they moved out. With the money and fortune taken away from the father, they were left with no money, having to live with Charice's grandmother and later on having to stay in a much smaller home. This was one of the biggest hurdles for Charice, her mother and her little brother, Carl. Charice would sing to earn money for her family where she would join contests with cash prizes, which in turn would help pay for food and shelter. It wasn't until Charice joined big contests like Batang Kampeon (Child Champion) along with Little Big Star where she would provide for her small family good enough money to survive.

Charice's story remains one of the most motivational for me because it talks about passion, love, power, and how hard work with perseverance will pay off even when your country decides not to support you. While she is very well honored in the Philippines now that she is so successful, she was only noticed because of her success and fame founded in the United States. Her amazing voice is surely captivating and one of the best that you will ever hear. It is nice to know that she is now making millions of dollars every year from her albums and hit shows across the world.

Source by Jeremiah Say

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