Motorcycle Jackets For Women

There are many styles and features of motorcycle jackets available for women bikers today. These jackets are a great mix of style and functionality that are made for women, with women in mind.

There are the classic motorcycle jackets that are the Brando look for women. Some of these come with a more fitted waistline, along with the classic snap down collar, which can be unsnapped allowing the jacket to be fully zipped up in the colder months. Other styles include the euro style with a mandarin collar and flat zippered pockets creating a sleeker looking jacket, and the collared jackets with braiding with a fit that is tailored to women.

Women’s motorcycle jackets come with features that allow them to be worn in all types of weather. In the colder months a leather jacket with an added zip out liner, warm leather gloves, and chaps create added warmth and protection that are welcomed while riding.

Wearing a heavy leather motorcycle jacket does not have to be uncomfortable in warmer months nor do you have to settle for some drab dark color. One popular jacket among female riders is the vented pink biker jacket. This jacket has full ventilation controls via the sleeves and back zippers, which means you can stay quite comfortable even in warmer months. It is made of premium cowhide leather, which is what most bikers prefer. The mix of pink and black creates a stylish look that says even though you love motorcycles you are still all woman!

Source by Deborah L Moore

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