MS Whitney Houston Who's Voice Now Illuminates Heaven – A True Songbird – We Will Always Love You

MS. WHITNEY: A star whose light went dim before the final curtain call was FULLY REALIZED. She was on a comeback train that never quite arrived, or shall we clarify and say that the train stopped suddenly and without warning.

AT TIMES, Sweet, endearing, beautiful and multi-talented people, leave the planet FAR too soon. I WOULD PUT MS. HOUSTON AT THE TOP OF THIS LIST ..

My guess is that God; The Universe, and the angels, IN HEAVEN, have a special theater for YOU and that you AND THE ANGELS are singing hymns, songs and praises to the Almighty One; that your voice is resonating louder and bolder than ever- MORE INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL THAN EVEN YOU MS. HOUSTON, COLD HAVE ever thought possible.

My one question is: "Why did you choose to go so soon?"

I realize that it is selfish OF US, all of your brothers and sisters in Christ, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FAN-BASE, to ask you to want to stay on the planet and entertain us when you are so full of inner beauty, majesty and shine. Your voice vibrates and illuminates in a display of the creator's love for art, music, singing and melodies that HAVE EVEN touched OUR Heavenly Father's heart …

May the eager harp players, pianists and background vocalists, that are now in Heaven, rejoice in knowing that their lead singer: Ms. Whitney; desired to arrive and play a concert for the Almighty One; melodies and vibrations enjoyed day in and day out for ALL eternity, as we enjoyed your voice on the earthly plane of existence.

IN HEAVEN, the light is no longer dim, the light is brighter and more beautifully illuminated, if that can even be imagined.

From the Lord you received your voice to transmute beautiful vibrations of sound and majesty, released and expressed out into the world, NOW your soul is consecrated to the Almighty Lord, returning to Him; where your home is forever and I'll bet that you engage and illuminate Heaven in an amazing way !!!! …

Thank you LORD for giving the world your beautiful, live singing SONGBIRD WITH THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL: MS.WHITNEY HOUSTON, for as long as you let the world listen and hear such a remarkable song bird, letting us all see the beauty in your majesty and in all that you touch, if we allow ourselves to listen to your divinity, and follow our hearts and our faith to trust in the Lord to guide us everyday. WE TOO CAN REACH SUCH AMAZING HEIGHTS OF SPLENDOR AND GRACE. IN OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE FORMULA AND SENSE OF ADVENTURE.

Many blessing's to YOU, MS. HOUSTON, BOBBY BROWN and BOBBIE CHRISTINA, a family that will all reunite in HEAVEN. MS. Whitney Houston Who's Voice Now Illuminates Heaven-A True Songbird – We Will Always Love You!

I enjoy learning from you and from other offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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