MSNBC Analyst Suggests Trump ‘Corruptly’ Going After Sen. Burr for Lack of ‘Loyalty’

It is a traditional MSM damned-if-you-do-or-don’t entice.

On Pleasure Reid’s MSNBC present right this moment, MSNBC authorized analyst Glenn Kirschner advised that President Trump is “corruptly” going after Sen. Richard Burr [R-NC] as a result of Burr has demonstrated inadequate “loyalty” to the president.

As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in January and February Burr obtained categorized details about the then-impending coronavirus epidemic. After receiving that info, and earlier than the extent of the coronavirus menace turned public, Burr, in early February, offered a considerable portion of his inventory portfolio.

Kirschner himself mentioned “it positive seems like doubtlessly prison conduct.” Now lets say that, given these information, the Justice Division had declined to research Burr, a Republican.

What do you assume Kirschner’s response would have been? 




JOY REID: The potential insider-trading investigation. How a lot bother are these senators, significantly Mr. Burr–how a lot bother do you assume they’re in?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: Nicely, good morning, Pleasure. Good to so that you once more. It actually looks like the quantity of bother they could be in is dependent upon how Donald Trump is feeling about their loyalty. 

You recognize, the issue is, once we see a Senator Richard Burr apparently concerned in insider buying and selling, as a result of, you recognize, in 2012 congress handed the STOCK act: S-T-O-C-Okay: Cease Buying and selling On Congressional Data–a cute acronym, proper? When it seems like Richard Burr is making the most of info he receives in his capability because the chair of the Senate Intel committee, utilizing that info earlier than it is out there to the general public and dumping shares or shopping for shares and incomes a complete bunch of cash within the midst of this coronavirus nationwide emergency, it positive seems like doubtlessly prison conduct. 

The query then sadly turns into how does Donald Trump and by extension Invoice Barr really feel about Richard Burr’s loyalty or lack of loyalty? Now everyone knows, Richard Burr has not essentially been a lapdog for Donald Trump as a result of that committee has been issuing stories, intelligence stories, saying, look, you’re darn proper Russia interfered within the 2016 presidential election. And President Trump doesn’t like that. So he actually has a motive to corruptly go after Richard Burr

Sometimes, the MSNBC analyst pretends Trump by no means acknowledged Russian interference within the 2016 elections, and confuses that with the unproven claims that Trump’s marketing campaign colluded with the Russian authorities.

Kirschner contrasted the therapy Burr has obtained with that of different senators who additionally offered inventory through the interval. In truth, at the least one among them, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, has turned over paperwork to the Justice Division regarding her trades. In any case, there can be nothing stunning about DOJ focusing explicit consideration on Burr. Not solely is he the chair of the Intel Committee, however in that place may need been aware about info that others didn’t obtain. 

And as our Curtis Houck has noted, Kirschner is identical kook who advised that President Trump may very well be prosecuted for “murder” over his feedback on the coronavirus!

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