MSNBC Wrongly Hints UK’s NHS Dealing with COVID-19 Higher Than U.S.

On Saturday’s AM Pleasure on MSNBC, host Pleasure Reid and fellow MSNBC host Ali Velshi pushed for a British-style nationwide well being care system in the course of the coronavirus pandemic despite the fact that there are reviews that the nation’s Nationwide Well being Service (NHS) has fared poorly in the course of the present disaster.

Actually, if one crunches the numbers, the general per capita loss of life price from COVID-19 (i.e., whole variety of deaths divided by whole variety of folks dwelling within the nation) has been considerably greater to date in the UK than within the U.S.

At 10:28 a.m. Japanese, towards the top of the section, Reid introduced up the problem of whether or not the federal authorities would assist laid off People purchase medical health insurance both via ObamaCare or different means. After the present performed a clip of President Donald Trump answering a query on the problem, Reid and Velshi complained about his reply, after which talked up common well being look after the U.S.

Reid referred to her in-laws who reside in Britain, and urged that the U.S. can be higher off with an identical system:

JOY REID: You recognize what my in-laws are doing for well being care throughout this disaster? Going to the physician as a result of they’re in England the place they’ve common well being care! Howdy, America! It might be a lot simpler if we had common well being care. Howdy!

Velshi — who can be a senior enterprise correspondent for NBC Information — agreed: “Yup, a lot simpler.”

However, if one examines the quantity deaths from COVID-19 per 100,000 residents, the UK’s price to date is about 3 times that of the U.S.; as of Saturday morning, there were a complete of 4,313 deaths formally reported to date, which, in a rustic of about 68 million, involves about 6.34 per 100,000 residents dying of the sickness.

In contrast, the U.S. loss of life toll on Saturday morning stood at 7,159, or, in a rustic of 330 million folks, about 2.16 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Actually, the overall variety of deaths attributable to COVID-19 within the UK reportedly might be even more than the formally confirmed circumstances because the nation’s well being care system struggles to deal with the disaster.

The full number of deaths in France stood at 7,560, or 11.63 per 100,000, in a rustic of 65 million folks; and, in hard-hit Italy, the number was 15,362, or 25.60 per 100,000 in a rustic with a inhabitants of about 60 million.

Germany has notably fared higher than its neighbors, with total deaths so far standing at 1,275, or 1.54 per 100,000 in a rustic of 83 million.

In comparison with the U.S., that is 3 times greater within the UK, 5 occasions greater in France, and 12 occasions greater in Italy. In Germany, it is about 72 p.c as excessive because the U.S., placing the U.S. a lot nearer to the comparatively well-managed Germany and farther from Britain and France.

The New York Instances has also contrasted loss of life charges within the area with the U.S. — presumably variety of deaths divided by variety of recognized infections — and located charges to be 12 p.c in Italy, and 10 p.c in France and Britain, in distinction with 2.5 p.c in the USA and 1.Four p.c in Germany.

So, the place Reid and Velshi get the notion that one is best off dealing with COVID-19 within the UK than in the USA is understood solely to them.

Under is a transcript of the related portion of the Saturday, April 4, AM Pleasure on MSNBC:

JOY REID: Let’s speak actually shortly about well being care. It is a factor you discuss rather a lot. Right here is — a report variety of People are going to emphasize state Medicaid applications — those that’ve expanded Medicaid and bothered to do it — however Medicaid applications are going to be careworn. Here is Donald Trump from Thursday, requested how newly laid off folks pays for medical health insurance. Right here it’s.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Are you able to guarantee People tonight that you’ll open the Obamacare market in order that they are often coated at the moment of mixed well being and monetary disaster?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No, I perceive the query. We’re doing higher than that — we will attempt to get a money fee to the folks, and we’re understanding the mechanics of that with legislature, so we will attempt to get them a money fee as a result of simply opening it up would not assist as a lot. So we will work it out so we will attempt to get for that sure group of individuals — it is a sure group of individuals — a money fee.

REID: Ali, are they anticipating folks to make use of the identical little paltry $1,200 to purchase medical health insurance? That is insane.

ALI VELSHI: No, I imply, $1,200 is not — yeah, it is not going to pay for most individuals’s hire — it is not going to pay for most individuals’s groceries — it is not going to pay for the kid care that they might — it is not going to pay for that. So the underside line is, $1,200, even in case you had no different bills, would hardly get you an insurance coverage coverage, they usually’re not reopening open enrollment, so I do not know what the President was saying. That was a little bit of a phrase salad — “it may be higher, it may be for a particular group of individuals, we’re working with the legislatures to get a money fee.”

I do not know what he is speaking about, however the backside line is, you understand how many individuals forgo well being care in the most effective of occasions as a result of they do not have the cash for it. In a pandemic, you do not need individuals who say, “I do not need to get examined as a result of, if I’ve bought coronavirus, I haven’t got the protection to get that handled.” That is the precise improper second for people who find themselves broke to not get well being care. So I do not know what the President is speaking about — I hope he is proper. There are 30 million folks already with out well being care, and that quantity can be going to go up.

REID: And so they’re additionally attempting to close down the entire Inexpensive Care Act — they’re nonetheless attempting to struggle it in court docket. Governors are nonetheless refusing to broaden Medicare — Medicaid. You recognize what my in-laws are doing for well being care throughout this disaster? Going to the physician as a result of they’re in England the place they’ve common well being care!


REID: Howdy, America! It might be a lot simpler if we had common well being care. Howdy!

VELSHI: A lot simpler.

REID: Thanks, Ali Velshi.

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