multiple and Single track promotion for $8

multiple and Single track promotion

Choose your number of downloads and use when you need themYou can customize your downloads day by dayOnce your promotion has been sheduled you will not be alble to change it anymoreWith this promotion you can get the chance to get in Top 100 Charts of your genre and climb it, you are the owner of your promotion and you can manage it as you prefer.In this way, you are safe about invest too much altogether, but see the result with us and think about the strategy, because every period is different and depend also on the skill of the artist.Why would you choose this promotion?*You would earn income from tracks sales, with genuine purchases (we will send you all the receipts).*Get more people to listen to your music.*Be on top 10 of your label and get more sales.*Booking agencies will notice your music and you can get gigs.*Other Record labels notice your music and ask you to release it with them.*Get in Beatport hype picks.*If you are already in the top 100 with this promotion you can climb the chart and stay on top!

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