Muscle Building – How to Build Muscle the Right Way

If you want to gain muscle fast then you have to do the steps that will be successful to get you the body you want. See, there are some secrets to building muscle and losing fat that you should know that will help you out.

Free weights, not just machines

Fast muscle building to gain can not be attained only using exercise machines. Machines are meant to provide support and prevent injury. To gain maximum muscle mass you have to use free weights, nor do you want to use supplements such as glutamine powder. Research I have done indicates that the best muscle-gaining workout stimulates muscle fibers, which cannot be achieved with machines.

Why free weights work

Your body uses stabilizer and synergist muscles to help build muscle mass, these muscles support the main muscle in doing its work. A good example of this is a bench press or push up. In order to complete the lift, the stabalizer and synergetic muscles assist the main muscle. The major muscle group will never grow if your stabilizer muscles are weak.

Basically, building muscle to gain mass demands working out with free weights since they place a great deal of stress on the supportive muscles. You’ll grow fatigued quicker and won’t be capable of lifting the same amount as you would with weight-lifting machinery, however you’ll put on a greater amount of muscle and also gain strength.

Heavy weights are needed

Additionally, to add mass in order to get effective muscle building you have to work out with heavy weights. Folks really have the wrong idea about heavy weights. I remember way back in high school, and even in the beginning of my corporate career, in my 20s, the way my buddies used to boast about how much they could bench press, and the continuing dispute about building muscle mass.

Combine it with diet

Everyone knows that muscle is much more attractive than fat. So when you lose weight, you want to build more muscle and not just diet to lose fat. But there are other health benefits to natural bodybuilding for health and fitness that should motivate you to hit the gym. Te best way to have fat loss at the same time as muscle gain is to have a good diet. No junk food, but good sources of protein and carbs.

First, building muscle will reduce the percentage of body fat, giving you a more toned better-looking body. Muscle mass is about half the size of fat mass. More health benefits of muscle mass is the amount of calories being burned at a quicker rate. Muscle uses energy where as fat stores energy. Having more muscle means burning more calories maintaining a healthier body weight.

So there you go. When you do these steps, you will see results instead of frustration. With good results comes self esteem as well as a healthy body that everyone admires and comments on.

Source by Blake Johnson

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