Music Promotion and Distribution in the Digital Age

There have been some major changes in the music business in the past few years. Especially where underground and independent artists are concerned. It's fairly easy to see that there are some entirely new rules which have been established in the internet age, and it's very important to understand them fully so you can take advantage of the situation. An independent artist should make it their job to know everything they can about the current state of the music industry so they can attack the game in an effective manner. There's some good news in the online music industry, but like anything there's also a bad side to it. For example it's a lot harder to get signed to a major label nowadays, so if you are hoping on blowing up overnight don't hold your breath. However with the state of the underground music scene that is hardly an issue if you know how to market yourself correctly.

However, competition is intense! New technology has made it affordable to record from your home without spending outrageous amounts of money on hardware and software. Beat making programs like FL Studio and Reason have made it possible to produce industry quality instrumentals at a fairly reasonable price, and there is a wide range of programs that allow you to mix and master tracks at a studio level. What this boils down to is its more than possible to set up your own home studio and create music from the ground up without breaking the bank. The downside however is that labels are getting more demos than ever before, which means unless you happen to get lucky or they really like your music you probably aren't going to be noticed amongst the hundreds of submissions every day.

Honestly though, who says you need a major record deal to get paid? Music has changed and so has the promotions and distributions game. You can get serious exposure independently if you do it right, why not invest in yourself? Promoting yourself and making money from your music online, with no need to sign a contract that usually strips you of most of your rights as an artist. Many major labels don't even allow their artists to have full creative control, and nobody wants to be told what kind of music to write to which beats. That's not the point of making music.

The reason most of the majors are not doing as well in the digital era because they are having difficulties adapting to the new environment that artists are finding themselves in. The art of promotion has changed entirely and the major labels still aren't realizing it. With the internet came promotional tools which are free to use and available to everyone, sites such as YouTube, Myspace, and Facebook are easily some of the most influential pieces to the promotions game if you want to garner a name for yourself. If you do it right you can blow up online for virtually nothing, what more could you ask for?

Because of this the independent music industry is simply doing much better than it used to. Billboard estimates that roughly 50% of all music sales made in 2010-2011 were made my independent labels and artists. That's a HUGE statistic when you look at industry giants like Capital Records and Warner Bros who have had a strangle hold on the game for literally decades. This is mostly due to companies that allow you to distribute your music through retailers like iTunes and CDBaby. The rise, and cementing of such companies, has helped the underground music scene tremendously. But if you want to sell your music you have to buy beats online and own the licensing rights to the instrumental you use. Visit the links in the paragraph below to buy affordable rap beats today.

Source by Bryan Sumner

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