National Security Adviser Lies And Says There’s No Evidence Of Russia Helping Trump

Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien claimed that he has seen no evidence that Russia is trying to help Trump.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, non-story — obviously, a lot of people don’t think it’s a non-story. Obviously, the lawmakers who were briefed don’t think it’s a non-story. And the reports are that the election security official who briefed Congress, Shelby Pierson, said several times during the briefing that Russia had developed a preference for President Trump. Was she not telling the truth?

O’BRIEN: Well, what I heard from the Republican lawmakers there, and again I wasn’t at the hearing, so I can’t comment what, what happened to the hearing, and I’m not going to play that Washington game, but what I heard from Republican lawmakers is that there was zero intelligence that was proffered to them to support that sort of comment. I haven’t seen any of that intelligence. So if it’s out there, it’s something I haven’t seen. But I highly doubt it because, look, it’s a commonsense question. Why would Russia want the president who has rebuilt the American military, who has given the Ukrainians lethal arms, javelin missiles and has sanctioned the Russians far more than any president in recent history, why would they want him reelected? I mean, that just doesn’t make common sense.

There is a evidence provided by the intelligence community that Russia prefers Trump. There is also evidence all over Russian controlled social media accounts that Russia prefers Trump. There is also the Mueller report that details over the course of hundreds of pages, Russia’s preference for Trump.

O’Brien’s answer was totally absurd, and it is also laying the groundwork for Trump’s national security team to place all of the blame for Russian election interference on Bernie Sanders.

Trump is using the national security apparatus of the Executive Branch to smear Democrats and hide Russian election interference. It is an abuse of power to influence the presidential election.

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